Thursday, February 5, 2009

fun with photoshop

well- i did my first real photoshop collage with layers- the infamous davenport of despair. maybe it will go away now! except that i need to finish the physical collage i started the other night.
this looks pretty dark, but it doesn't feel that way for some reason....partly, i'm sure, because the music isn't slow and sad. partly because i think that sometimes it's ok to sprawl across the davenport of despair- doesn't mean you stay there or it never gets better.

i think i might want an actual photo of a sofa- maybe something more victorian.... where are all of those catalogues when i need one? and maybe frame the pic above the sofa.

and then i thought maybe something a bit more...... soothing shall we say? so the simple pic below. we are jurying in the art for the we art women show tomorrow evening. i can't be here for the show so i am really looking forward to seeing the art.

went to first thursday to see zella's show tonight- it was awesome. included the piece that we worked on together and several other transfer/metal pieces.

and the foot doc today- there is hope. we'll see if insurance will cover a boot to stabilize my fascia long enough for it to heal. doc says 90% chance it can be fixed without surgery- which is good.

and that's it- bedtime for me- here's to friday!


Diane said...

I love your sofa picture just the way it is. They are both great pieces. Glad to hear there's hope for your foot without surgery.
Have a great weekend!

Pam McKnight said...

Sorry I missed seeing you last night, I didn't make it to art source until almost closing. Good luck with your foot. I plan to go to the studio on Tues.

Lu said...

It is great what you can do with photoshop. You have some nice work.

marianne said...

hi all- thanks for your comments! glad you like them.