Wednesday, February 4, 2009

crippled again

the poor dogs are going nuts. woke up this am unable to put much weight on my heel again, so back to the podiatrist. the strange part is that after the 5 mile hike saturday i haven't done anything out of the ordinary, so i have no clue why it flared up (i've even been stretching!). i hate not being able to get out & exercise.

while i worked i had the davenport of despair propped up & ideas are coming for the top.... we'll see what happens.

i wanted to do something, but couldn't get inspired by the stamps or the watercolor backgrounds so i pulled out the trusty sharpies.

this looks like being tied down & escape, doesn't it? feeling tethered b/c i can't walk? dreaming of winning the lottery? seismic shift? hard to say.

then i tried the journal prompt for this week- write about something you want to do in the coming year. here is my best imitation of a junior high girl's diary (well, i was one once). still not very gracefully using words in my art. but the sentiment- to live big, by which i mean being open and being the change i want to see in the world (words to live by, from ghandi), is very much where i want to be going into my 51st year on earth.

it's easy to keep things small- and it's more comfortable in many ways. i can be more generous with my time and attention to my friends and family. i absolutely believe that you get back what you give. there are places i'm pretty good at giving, and others that can stand some work.

wow- this journalling thing creates some work, doesn't it? ;)

time to toddle off to bed....


dennis said...

Dennis believes in living big. yet small. yet not too small. But not large.

marianne said...

hi dennis- thanks for stopping by. btw, you're very handsome! yes, well, let's say big in terms of things like being open & giving & things that don't leave a concrete footprint and small in terms of- shall we say- emissions

Diane said...

Sorry about your foot. I had a heel problem that would not go away until the podiatrist made some inserts to place in my shoes. That did the trick. Hope you feel better soon.