Tuesday, January 13, 2009

yay! we're painting!

the tuesday night group is back at it- so nice! we haven't painted since before christmas, and it was good to do the group thing again. of course, as usual, i had 4 trips to the car because i NEVER can figure out how to pack light! wasn't sure what i might want to do- other than start the centerpieces- so i did get one coat of paint on 16 squares- woo hoo!

6 titan buff

6 hooker's green- which will need another coat-
and 4 ochre. i have the flower images ready. need to buy more elmer's caulk, but i should be in pretty good shape. maybe more adhesive for the gold leaf- we'll see.

and then i played. this one may be about the good things that happen (if you let them) when you have to go to plan b because the original road you were going down is closed for some reason.

all i can say is- yay! good to paint, even if most was just covering canvas, good to laugh and catch up.

i was looking forward to it all day. and the rest of the day was sort of spent swimming upstream- nothing awful, but sort of stuck- so this was just what i needed!

here's to the rest of the week.


Pam McKnight said...

I had fun too! thanks for your help on my blog- I finally found my "dashboard"

mk said...

your blog looks great! see you next week!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks for dropping in at the mouse... I look forward to having more time to check out your creations... so far what I've seen/read has tickled my fancy!! love the pups shoes!!

I'm most impressed with the creative every day project....best to you on it!!

eek!! see you around!!