Monday, January 26, 2009


i spent years catless because i had no idea that bouviers & cats required lots of work (that i was not equipped to do) to live together. i missed the little furry purring sitting on my lapness of cats. how dandy it is when they deign to come visit. in the meantime i managed to find dog breeds with the same sort of personality, though maybe kind of big for the lap part. and not so good at purring.

but then i quit an incredibly toxic job and while i was regrouping and looking for something else to do to pay the bills i had time to be home and train the dogs not to kill the cat.

enter tinkerbell, a farm kitty from steve's sister. well socialized because his niece brought her in the house & let her sleep in her bed. strong survival instinct because- well, hawks, foxes, coyotes, dogs, etc.....

so we got tara (after a few come to jesus meetings) and teddy trained and all was good. tink is very social. she ambushes people on the sidewalk and makes them pet her (most are powerless to resist this- could you? doubt it- and if this doesn't work she attacks legs :)).

and then tara and teddy both left us the same year. enter halle-

who was doing well until echo came along. we got echo in line, but halle (puppy brain) forgot her manners in the meantime. and she got lots bigger too. so tink spent lots of time on top of the fridge & outside. the big white paw is very scary.

but tinkerbell will not be denied. she WILL be with her people (even if the male half of her people isn't always a cat person). and i'm glad, because i like having my cat sitting in my lap and purring.... and helping me blog.

the dogs are at the doggie spa because steve is off in the snow far far from civilization (and hopefully having a fabulous time!) and i am going to tucson (where it is relatively warm and definitely sunny) and tink and i are all alone in the house..... and it's very quiet, but kind of nice.

probably time to go get packed, but i just HAD to get a shot of the cds that will fit, with plenty of room to spare,

on this little tiny thing....

amazing. and if you haven't heard grace potter and the nocturnals check them out.

she rocks. some day i'll figure out how to include a you tube to share, in the meantime (since it's bed time) click here to check out grace at red rocks


Gayle said...

Kitties are wonderful and a great inspiration for art, blogging, chilling...lots of things! You've got some cuties. I just got an MP3 player myself and can't wait to download some of the books I've been meaning to read for years so I can "read" while I'm working on painting. I added you to my bloglog to keep up with your excellent art.

Susan Sager Brown said...

I just checked out Grace P and the N on you tube. Craig Ferguson had them on his show. She had me as soon as she sang "she waters the garden but maybe she just likes the hose" tee fing hee!!!!! Do you like Susan Tedeschi? check her out. Susan has a deeper bluesyer voice but I think you will really like her.
PS this ipod is your next blog giveaway right. tee fing hee #2

marianne said...

gayle- thanks for stopping by & for adding me to your blog roll! i enjoy checking out your blog too-

susan- yes,i like susan tedeschi too, gracie rocks a bit more- glad you liked her! and- um- no! but thanks for suggesting it:)