Friday, January 9, 2009

sunshine and luck

beautiful sunny day. and busy. day job busy and meetings for the women's and children's alliance benefit. i am so incredibly bummed that i can't be here for the event. damn day job (which makes all things possible, so of course i don't REALLY TOTALLY mean that) anyway! our natl sales meeting this year is the same week as the benefit- i will be flying home from atlanta the night of the show.

the proto centerpieces that i took - below- were well received. so now all i need to do is make 16 of them......but i have a month- no prob! they are 6x6 finished edge canvases. will have mini easels on the tables & 2 per table. i think we'll have a for sale sign.... hopefully raise some $$

i got some flowers photoshopped for the transfers. the apollo cg7039 transparencies that i ordered got here today, so i should be in good shape. except for needing to buy more elmer's caulk :)

while i was looking for flower shots to use i got sort of nostalgic for summer. i am normally happy as long as i have sun, but there were some pretty nice happy warm blooming photos.... ahhhh well... that's the point in seasons, isn't it, appreciating change and movement.

what i like about these is the focus on the bloom...

i need to think about base paint colors and about whether i want to use gold leaf on all, or mix it up with some copper & silver. i expect that people will want to buy more than one, b/c they're small, so it might be a good idea to have the leaf color the same- i think the paint can be different as long as it works together. like hooker's green, ochre, titan buff as base colors but all with gold leaf... we'll see. may use some tar gel too instead of the glass beads on all....
time to go to bed & dream about how it should go :) happy weekend!


Diane said...

Hi Marianne!
These are so lovely. I love the photoshop effects also. You sound very busy. Hope there's time for play.

mk said...

hi diane! this is play, isn't it? :)