Sunday, January 4, 2009

sunday evening

went to fairfield. it was beautiful- sunny and snowy. the snow is sparkly and pretty with nice texture from the wind.

here's the tree photo from the trip.

i doodled the sunset and didn't like it much, so i put it in photoshop and this is a little bit better, but i will have to keep trying. it may be that i need to try this with something besides markers :)
this one's fun, though- reminds me of mardi gras. who knows where it came from....

and one more-
thinking about the self portrait journaling page. not very introspective by nature, it is really hard to think about myself, much less think about a self portrait, but i will try. it's all about stretching, isn't it?

time to start thinking about going back to work tomorrow. it's going to be a big shock to have a 5 day work week after vacation and 2 holiday weeks!


Genie Sea said...

When I glanced at the first photo, I thought, it was a photo of the sea! Gorgeous! I love the stainless steel looking piece. The colors are so vibrant and the images flow! :)

mk said...

thanks genie- it does look sort of like the ocean now that you mention it! thanks for stopping by & commenting-