Sunday, January 25, 2009

sun- day!

i ended up not driving to fairfield because it was snowing this morning, and i was pretty sure that what would have been a quick 4 hr trip could turn into something much longer- especially if i got behind a 20 mile an hour scared driver.

but of course that left me ipod-less on the plane- not a pleasant prospect. pretty much guaranteeing sitting next to someone chatty or in the vicinity of a loud person or screaming child. so, i spent my bonus check before it shows up & picked up an ipod classic- which we'd talked about doing anyway so we could load our entire music collection on to take to fairfield. it's amazing when you think about it. of course, that means someone needs to copy all of those cds to the computer, but we'll deal with that later.

of course, then i had to go through what is on the computer & remap some of the songs that for some reason didn't map correctly when i installed vista. that took hours this afternoon. but i saw the sun break and dashed out with the camera-

woo hoo! look at that sun!!!!

and i am now going to get away from the computer. maybe play a bit.
tomorrow we'll check into video for the trip- i was hoping for the last season of the office or boston legal, but it looks like that's not possible, so maybe a chick lfick or something...


faulty_thinking said...

I love the fourth picture. The sun's been out off and on for a couple days where I live too. It almost makes me want to be outside, but it's still so unbearably cold.

Genie Sea said...

I adore the way you capture light and shadow. Scintillating :)

marianne said...

hi ladies- thanks! yes ms. faulty thinking- i visited your blog and it does lok cold!!! thanks genie- i know you're been playing with light & dark, so it makes sense that would catch your attention!