Saturday, January 10, 2009

digital collage trial

errand morning- after sleeping in til- oh, 8 am! stp for gaiters, target for a coffee maker & sheets, home depot for paint, staples for ink, builder's lighting to look at fixtures, aaron bros for more hooker's green & some small frames for we art women... so when i finally got home around 2:30 i walked the dogs & the collapsed in front of football.

i did some doodles, all sort of boring & repetitive.....

i did draw the female form below-, but didn't like it either. so i came upstairs & decided to try some digital collage. and here's the end result. fun to play with.... i am starting to figure out how to work with layers & how to put different things together.

i hope to do some joirnal work tomorrow and to get some base coats on my canvasses for the centerpieces. fingers crossed!


chaetoons said...

Your collage is wonderfully symbolic of emerging feminism/womanhood bursting into flower.

mk said...

thanks chae! i think i must be craving spring a bit too:)

dewatobay said...

Super! May I have your permission to post on my FaceBook page with a link to your blog! The image is quite evocative.

dewatobay said...
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mk said...

sure- i would like to be able to check out your facebook page- it sounds like you use it much more creatively than i use mine!