Thursday, January 29, 2009

round about creativity

my goals while steve is gone included getting the boise trail dog website and gypsy gallery website basically functional. i have gotten that done, and started a flickr group for gypsy gallery art. (just my art so far, visit later to see amazing work from the other gypsies) yay!

by the way, synthasite is a pretty dandy free web creation software site. i'm sure that anyone with any ability could do quite a bit with it.

neither site is awesome, but they will both work. that's good for now. the nuts & bolts stuff- not as much fun, but it's still important.

added a little more bubble wrap action- now to figure out what goes on top. or just move on until it calls me back.

i am feeling intrigued by the davenport of despair- and since they are forecasting another inversion next week it may be appropriate...... it's also nearly the longest month- february.

i also ran this through the printer. this is one of the pieces i cut up to use for a jouranl page start. i like it so far- can see birds coming in. maybe i'll get brave & cut a bird stamp. i have some rubber & tools....

bedtime. radio at 7 to talk about staying off muddy trails (oh yeah, another thing i do that takes time!), lotsa day job stuff, 2 more days to get all of that stuff done that i planned to before hub gets home.

once again- in the immortal words of warren zevon (who i am so sorry i never saw) i'll sleep when i'm dead.


redchair said...

I love the lower one. Really hot color. The balance on the landscape and then graphic elements in the sky work nice also. You know it has almost an asian feel to it. (Very delicate and intricate.) Nice work.

marianne said...

thanks vikki! it is sort of asian feeling, isn't it? i can see that i'll use this tree image a lot-