Saturday, January 3, 2009

on the road

getting ready to head up to fairfield to do some painting (of the wall variety).... and some snowshoeing..... but i have done a few art things this morning, so i thought i'd post.

first is writing a current artists bio. something that's painful for many of us. and could i find my copy of art calendar that had guidelines for how to write one? of course not!

this little exercise was prompted by the email below:

Dear Marianne,

Three months ago I started a global artist reclamation initiative called The Landfillart Project.

The project will involve one thousand and forty-one (1,041) artists worldwide. To date, there are well over one hundred artists involved throughout the United States & abroad. This artist initiative is by far the largest undertaking of its kind.

... ........ I am hopeful that after spending a few minutes on our website, you will accept my proposal to join this landmark global artist reclamation project.


Ken Marquis

i think that this is a cool project. the canvasses are hubcaps reclaimed from a landfill. it's about reclaiming objects and transforming them into art. the artists are a diverse group, the goal being to find one artist from each state ( i'm betting that i'm one of several invited from idaho), from each county in pennsylvania (where the project is based) and to include international artists. 80% of the pieces will be completed by professional artists and 20% by non-traditional (mentally or physically challenged, incarcerated, children) artists.

some of the hubcaps are completed and on the website. the finished pieces will be included in a book, and 200 of them will be selected for a touring show.
visit the website for more information.

anyway- the application requires an artist bio, and mine was sadly out of date. i haven't touched that or my statement in quite a while. so it was good to sit down and think about things- where i've been, what i've accomplished, who has helped me along the way and where i'm headed. hmmm. sounds like a new year's sort of thing to do, doesn't it?

speaking of new years things to do, the other thing i did was get the book ready to start becoming an art journal. found this in the library's used book store. i like the idea of using a journal to stay centered, so the name is perfect.

the first blank pages just waiting for me.
a list mom on one of the yahoo groups i am in (arttechniques) is providing journaling prompts every week this year to help folks stay tuned in. the first technique involves corrugated cardboard. we have pounds and pounds of cardboard in the house, but none of it seems to have an open corrugated side. of course. will figure something out.

the first content prompt invoves a self portrait- however you want to do it- collage from magazines, photos, words- to see where you started the year. so here's the most lovely of several really nice photos i took of myself this am. dry hair might have helped..... it won't end up looking like this anyway, but it's a start.
and now, off to play in the snow- oh yeah, and to work my fingers to the bone....
hasta manana


Diane said...

This is very cool, Marianne. What a great project to be involved in & what an honor to be invited.

Diane said...

Forgot to tell you...that dog is the SWEETEST! I would love to kiss that sweet face!

mk said...

thanks diane- i am excited! and yes, she is a little (well, big actually) cutie- which is why i end up painting her, and taking photos, etc, etc.....