Thursday, January 22, 2009

number nine number nine

yep, inversion day 9. there are rumors of sun appearing in the next few days. we'll see.

i made great progress on the donation pieces for the women's & children's alliance fundraiser. for the most part, the transfers worked really well. i do have to admit that the elmer's caulk seems to work best. that and apollo transparencies. both pictured below in process.

noticed that a decent amount of caulk (slathering like mayo on a blt), making sure to rub it so that there's good contact between the transparency & the caulk and letting it sit a while, then rolling the transparency back works best.

they are not all terribly clean and perfect, but after i put some glass bead medium & gloss medium on to finish i think they'll be fine. for me, part of the charm of transfers is the slightly distressed look, so i'm ok with these. don't so much like it if there's a big hole in the middle, but streaks are ok.

i was concerned, so i am glad they came out so well. husband said he thought they would be good centerpieces, which is nice. (he doesn't make these things up to make me feel good, trust me!).
the event is at the end of february, so i am in good shape! yay!
this week's journal prompt is to play with bubble wrap, so that makes me happy. got started on that too.
time for bed! and friday tomorrow..... hasta

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Val Foster said...

I really, really love these. I'm wondering, what size are they? I love the way they look somewhat distressed.

If I'm getting this right, I'm assuming you printed from your computer onto transparencies, and when they were dry placed them down onto Elmer's Caulk spread on your base, let them sit a while, then peeled off the transparencies. Is that correct? And the Elmer's caulk is white, or is it clear? I really do love this effect.

I use caulk on some of my art, spread on or frosted into stencils, for texture and dimension. I just buy the cheap tubes, that need a caulk gun to extrude, from Lowe's or even Family Dollar store. It also comes in clear, but I haven't done much with the clear yet. But I've never used caulk in this way.

My email link is on my blog on the about me page. Could you please let me know if I'm understanding this technic, bc I really love the results and would like to try it. Thanks.

Kudos to you for this great art, and the wonderful results you got.