Thursday, January 8, 2009

not much

big scare today- tink got her shots yesterday and i thought that rather than give her potential dog stress i'd let her hang outside. only she disappeared. this is a cat that usually comes when called, spends every night inside on the bed & talks up a storm. and we had...... silence.

she's 10, and it's been a while since she's ranged much- she hangs pretty close to home. we have racoons close by, so i really hate to have her out at night. i even went to the humane society this am to see if for some strange reason she was there (like she'd be picked up between 4 pm and 8 am when not once in 10 years of being an outdoor cat at this house has that happened).

this afternoon, steve looked out and saw her sitting in the rain by the bbq. i am guessing that the shots really hit her- she has been asleep on the bed ever since we brought her inside 6 hours ago. we'll be getting her chipped soon.
steve has a nasty cold and i am not full of energy, so i hung out with him watching the football game and played with my markers.

and got a coat of gesso on the next 2 journal pages. hope to get some art done tomorrow evening, but i better get some sleep now.


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