Saturday, January 24, 2009

nada zip zero zilch

today was a gift. caralea and i were supposed to go to fairfield & paint walls, but she got sick. so i have a weekend without a job to

steve is headed out on a backcountry ski hut trip this week. i will be home all alone (well sort of- with halle, echo & tinky) after 6 tonight.

sp, the dogs and i took a nice walk along the greenbelt this morning.
then there was a nap, some garlic baking, packing and then steve headed out.

next i poured myself a jack on the rocks & sat down in front of the computer.

i surfed, worked on the dog blog, started a myspace page, called carolyn to see if she would drive to fairfield with me to retrieve my ipod....

tried to not feel guilty about not making art.

thought about what blocks me creatively- distractions (above), clutter (below)

or other really important stuff...
no art made today, but lots of thought given to it.

uncle jack helping r & r.....but creativity not so much.... manana

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