Monday, January 12, 2009

monday monday

and the pups have new shoes :) echo cuts his pads on the snow every time he goes out to frolic- and then there are those big ice balls that build up between his toes because his person won't shave his little feet regularly.... so- booties! i should have video'd them walking- halle was like a high stepping horse prancing around. very u-tube worthy... if ever i get my flip...

these have big anti- cheat grass possibilities too.... i need to get better at putting them on, but all in all, i think we have a winner.
made progress on mom & sis' christmas gifts (yes, christmas 2008). and fay's, tho i didn't take a pic of that one.
and started a bigger heart- i tried "printing" on an 8x10 canvas board, but the board was a bit bowed like they get & the plexi didn't sit on it smoothly enough to transfer. that and i put rice paper on the board so the surface was a bit too rough.

since that didn't work, i grabbed this piece of watercolor paper & went the route that i know works. trying to take the hearts bigger and to canvas- just not sure how to do it, because i like the rough, broken look of the background here. not sure how i can duplicate that on canvas..... and then there's the whole replacing what i do now with markers with paint... hmmmm
and i added a few coats of gesso to the journal to be ready for the next prompt- tho i still need to do some writing.

i did get in almost 7 miles this morning- walk/run with echo, walk with halle. performance review at work, a few other productive things.... back to it.

and now- to bed!


Diane said...

Those little dog boots are just darling.

mk said...

that's what i kept telling the dogs, but they weren't buying it..... :) bet echo likes them in the snow, tho!