Wednesday, January 7, 2009

mental margarita

did you know that you're more likely to get hypothermia at 40 and wet than at 10 and dry? i believe it- there is not much that is more uncomfortable to me than being cold and wet. ick. give me zero and sunny (even slightly below zero and sunny) any day over 35-45 and wet.

so it's time for a mental margarita:

better now.
made an actual dinner- ham, green beans, salad- bec came over to pick up some mail & a few last things she left here. nice to visit, but not much art done...
another small doodle. i really need to think about actually completing something. start dog paintings (clapton & lily) that sort of thing. my centerpieces for the we art women event. yeah.


chaetoons said...

I agree!
But if i had my druthers it would always be eternal Spring when the air is balmy and everything's in bloom!
Love your photos

mk said...

thanks chae! i like all seasons, but sometimes they go on a bit too long :)
i thought the pelicans were just great.