Friday, January 16, 2009

inversion, day 3

whatcha gonna do on day 3 of icky gray nastiness? go have pupus and a volcano with the girls and laugh- so here it is- the flaming volcano and 4 straws!

it was, indeed, just what the doc ordered and we all felt better afterward:) possibly because it reminded most of us of college, when we really didn't have to worry about much.

and the other option is to dream of spring. i can handle cold just fine, but the lack of sun kills me. give me jackson at 15 below over seattle at 40 any day of the week.

one thing that seattle gave me was an appreciation of spring. growing up in colorado, where the sun always shines, fall was always my favorite season. seattle was so gray that the flowers of spring were sanity.

boise is not nearly as gray as seattle, but not sunny like colorado. especially not lately! so these are my homage to spring from a few years ago- needing to remember that there will be sun again, thought i would share:

just a few months to go :) and fairfield tomorrow, where, according to the internet, there's sun!

(editorial comment to vh1- to have a top 100 hard rock songs include def leppard's photograph , kiss, bon jovi, a couple of who songs and no stones is very very wrong.)


mouse (aka kimy) said...

I love your blog...thanks for dropping in on the mouse....I look forward to coming around for plenty of nibbles and getting to know you better.

wonderful stuff you got going....and halle, echo and tinkerbell are beautiful!!

Diane said...

What?? No Stones in the top 100.... How could that be?? Never tried a Flaming Volcano but it sure looks good! Beautiful flowers must make you even more anxious for spring time. It's been 80 here in SO. California so I have NO complaints there.

marianne said...

hi kimy & diane! thanks for stopping by & saying hi!

kimy- i enjoy your blog too, and am looking forward to same!

diane- it had lots of rum, that's all we had to know! i think that i made these after a winter similar to this one. i was soooooo glad to see flowers that i kept grabbing them from the yard & making art!