Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy 2009

happy 2009! here's hoping that things improve for the many people who had a tough 2008....and that we all learn and don't repeat the same mistakes....

ate some pickled herring (painful) and hoppin john under the table (less so) for good luck in the coming year.

thinking about the word for 2009- i did some doodling last night while watching bizarre new year's eve tv- revolution just didn't work itself out as well
as did free.....

and revolution seems a bit too- serious- and then there's the thing about the radical change. i don't need radical change. but being more free to play, to try things, letting go of old habits & behaviors & reactions- that sounds good.

no resolutions for me, but i am going to make an effort to start my art journal- and stick with it. and focus on freedom.

i started making christmas presents today (yeah, i know, but this way it lasts longer!)

i'm going with the same idea as the flowers transfers i did last week, little 5x5 square canvasses. in order not to waste the transperancies i'm adding small images to the sides of the ones i need for the pieces i have in mind.... so when i want to play some time these will be ready to go.

well, better get a bit more work done on the gifts- want them for gno tomorrow evening..... i do have the day off, so i can play all day! (after dog walking, or running, anyway).


Genie Sea said...

Oh! I love the flower transfers! The images work so well together and separately.

I love the colors in Free. It's a more focused and fluid piece. :)

mk said...

thanks genie! appreciste the comment- and i agree about the free doodle-