Sunday, January 18, 2009

first blogiversary

one year ago today i started blogging so that i would focus on art daily. if i didn't have a chance to make art i wanted to at least think about it. i started taking my camera with me on business trips and blogging about painting ideas.

354 posts in a year- not bad- i haven't missed too many days. it's fun to look back and see pieces as they progressed, to look at the different things i've tried over the year, the places i've been, the concerts we've seen.

it's been great to meet other artists and find my place in an online community. i have found inspiration, learned a lot and been given things to think about. there are so many generous people out there who are happy to share ideas, techniques and encouragement. i love getting comments and have fun going to other people's blogs and leaving them.

blogs are such an interesting way to take a look into someone else's life and thought processes.

i enjoy being part of creative every day which keeps me focused on creativity- and reminds me that it mainfests in many ways.

this weekend, it manifested in painting at fairfield again..... so today's art is photography- so here's the ceiling color- in the pan

and on my face :)
as much grumping as i have done (and will doubtless continue) about the inversion, i was reminded that the hoar frost can be beautiful-

and we saw sun in fairfield, which was awesome! didn't matter that it was 15 degrees- i just wanted to sit outside!

thanks so much to all of you who come & visit my blog! thanks for the comments, encouragement, ideas and friendship- here's to year 2!


Leah said...

gorgeous pics!!

happy blogiversary, marianne!!

marianne said...

thanks leah! thanks for visiting & commenting-

redchair said...

Hi Marianne,
Those fields with the heavy frost are just stunning! You're really an outstanding photographer, girl.

Great post.

marianne said...

thanks vicki! and, as always, thanks for stopping in. it is nice to be able to see the beauty in what is otherwise pretty unpleasant weather!

Pam McKnight said...

Happy Anniversary, thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment- yes I will be at the studio tonight and I agree these photos are fabulous.