Monday, January 5, 2009

first art journal page

got the first art journal page done- hopefully they'll come easier! actually it wasn't too bad once i got started. the self portrait thing was intimidating. i made a mistake and ran the transparency through the printer on the wrong side, so i tried rubbing the wet ink on the page and it worked- that's me in the lower right corner. which works great.

then i found words in magazines & stamped things. layered landscape transparencies on top- a fantasy landscape and a black and white tree and sky.

the other side is a stamp from corrugated cardboard- will write something over there :)

here's a closer look.
and while i was looking for photos to use, i found this one- from jackson one winter. love it.

and now, off to bed- maybe i'll write in my journal tomorrow :)

1 comment:

Diane said...

You are really off to a GRAND start! This looks BEAUTIFUL!