Wednesday, January 21, 2009

back to gray (inversion, day 8)

it gets sort of hard to stay pollyanna with this nasty icky horrible gray weather we've been having. yesterday's feel good is still flowing, but damn, the gray skies get OLD (and it's not even february, the longest month of the year, yet). but pollyanna is my natural state and i try hard to stay there. it works for me.

our neighbor is in her mid eighties and has decided that i am the root of all evil. she is convinced that i move shrubs around in her yard in the middle of the night, call her and hang up many many times every day (even when i'm out of town on business- i am dedicated), have gone into her kitchen in the middle of the night (even though the doors were locked & there was no sign of a break in) and have been breaking into her garage (again, no sign of a break in, i must be very good at this) and putting sand in her gas tank. so when she caught me shovelling the snow on her sidewalk a while ago, she decided that it must be community service work for all of the bad things i have done to her.

i tell this story because a) i find it wonderful how the mind works. no way in her world view am i capable of doing a good deed, so she found a reasonable explanation for my behavior and b) i took this photo of my pals the see no hear no speak no evil monkeys who are in the aspen tree on our property line to remind me to do as they are doing. between monkeys, the bagua mirror and the foo dogs we manage to generally keep the negative energy at bay. it just works so much better than getting sucked in and stirred up (which is why when my cell rings "sympathy for the devil" i just know it's the neighbor, laugh and click it off- it works great.)

so i'm trying not to get sucked under by the gray skies too. the dogs are great for making sure to get out of the house. laughing with friends and husband is good tonic. making art also helps.

i got the metal leaf on the centerpieces tonight. consensus at the studio last night was to mix it up. good thing, too, because i ran out of gold leaf (i KNEW i should have checked before i went to boise blue yesterday, but i didn't).

here are the squares with the copper. silver & gold leaf-

here i have laid out the transparencies to figure out which works best with what square. i think they're going to turn out pretty well. next step is doing the transfers- always scary! but i did buy more elmer's caulk & the transparencies have been dry for a while, so i'm sure it will all work out. (and they're going to raise $$$ for the local women's & children's shelter, so the art goddess will lend a hand).

and a close up of one.

and i'm glad i'm happy with those, b/c i am struggling with the whole art journal thing. sure "there's no way to do it wrong" and " it's ok to make mistakes because it's for you" and "use your journal to play and learn" but then i look at 1000 artist journal pages or the examples in the lk ludwig book true vision or what other people have posted on my yahoo group and think LOSER! (not so pollyanna of me, i know, but it's lots easier to send that out than to turn it in).
anyway- here's the latest journal page, in response to a prompt to "draw- anything". intended to express a full and happy heart, bursting with possibilities and letting things in. too bad it didn't work so well- the sentiment is there...
and this page is......just.....lost.

but i'm sure there will be days when it flows effortlessly. really. maybe in march or april when the sun shines again.

and now off to bed.


Genie Sea said...

I love the transparencies and the journal page! They are so delicate and intricate. The journal page is so vivid! Absolutely magnificent!

Your neighbor sounds like a riot. :) Still you do a great deed for her. Community service rocks! ;)

marianne said...

thanks genie! hope the transparencies transfer as well as they look here- i'm sure they will! community service does rock ;)

marion said...

Hold the bus! Remember, whenever you look at images in a book, you are looking at the images that the artist(s) are pleased with. You aren't seeing the hundreds they discarded while learning the technique, or the half dozen they did to get the one that's publication ready. Don't be so hard on yourself. Your work is just fine. Perfection is the best that you can do on the day. Trust me, I'm a quilter...and a coach.

marianne said...

thanks marion! i do think that's part of why i post the less than successful ones too- to remind myself it's all process...thanks for coming by & commenting. i really enjoy reading artmixer and seeing your wonderful work-