Sunday, January 11, 2009

art journal cont.

the journal background idea in my yahoo group this week was to find a human figure and trace it several times with different media. i couldn't find a figure i liked (mags we get: pc photo, southwest art, artist, national geographic, mt bike, runners- not much with full body shots).

so i decided to use images of this raven. i kind of like the way i worked out- the right side started with black gesso, then traced with white gesso, gel pen and oil pastel. cut a window and put the photo behind. i finished it with gel medium. i like the repetition of color and shape.

the other side is printed on rice paper and the crow over the top is a transparency.

some day i will actually put some words in this journal- what they're for, after all! may end up with some on the left side of this page.

i wonder about how some of these other bloggers get all of the work done that they do. i want to paint- i need to, actually, have 2 commissions to do, and need to do the centerpieces. i want to explore the journaling piece- not just the art, but to be more thoughtful in using it to think things through.

ah well.... i'll do what i can. experimenting in the journal is freeing, and will inform art down the line.

now off to bed to get ready for next week.


Genie Sea said...

I love what you did with the crows. They layering is fantastic.

Everybody works at their own pace, and that often changes. It's all good :)

mk said...

thanks genie- more that i wish i had more time to play, i think, than feeling like i don't work fast enough! glad you like the ravens- i'm happy with them too.

loriidae said...

This is gorgeous. I love birds and the layering is wonderful. Janet

loriidae said...

This is gorgeous. I love birds and the layering is wonderful. Janet