Wednesday, January 14, 2009

anything that's rock n roll's fine

i am so cracking myself up. i put together my flowers and printed the transparencies. i added lots of birds on the sides where there was extra space, which, now that i think about it is right in line with my word for the year -free. birds symbolize freedom for me.

while i was doing this, i was listening to the top 100 heavy rock songs on vh1 classic and loving it. i am almost 50 and am still just as much in love with the music as i was at 18. fun flashbacks- the kinks (a total revelation- i went with older friends who were psyched to see the kinks. i went to see the pretenders, who were opening for them. loved both, decided i wanted to be chrissie hynde when i grew up. i still do.) billy squier- saw him a few times- he did rock! the clash.... i may have to keep watching the damn thing! and i was so happy that they had the donnas talking about the music.

i do need to remember (which i finally did today) how much of an impact music can have on my energy level and mood. throw some ramones (the kills, brmc, etc) on at 3 pm when that energy slump kicks around a bit, ready to go again!

anyway- to the sort of art that i am capable of-

we're having an inversion, which is why i need that shot of energy. it is gray and nasty out. but it was beautiful to walk in the foothills this morning- probably feeling introverted (it DOES happen), but it was like being wrapped in a cocoon- sounds are dulled, everything is monochromatic, very peaceful. besides birds i'm into the tree against the sky thing. back to the music interlude (tho not hard rock) i kept hearing the very old fleetwood mac (pre stevie, even) song bare trees (gray light, oh yeah it was a cold night- no one said it was great literature, but somehow with the music it works).

did get the exercise in today- echo & i walked alot ran a little, then halle & i walked. then the day job thing. and on to art:

my hubcap showed up- woo hoo! in case you missed it, i was invited to participate in this project. i am very excited about this- looking forward to having inspiration strike. i keep thinking road trip.

zella finished the piece she was making with the tiles, and it is awesome, as i knew it would be. she ended up using glue rather than soldering because the caulk couldn't take the heat.

and i got mom & sis' gifts closer to being ready to mail, and added another coat of hooker's (how can the same color be a different color from different manufacturers? i shouldn't be surprised, but i was. it'll work out fine tho. next step is a bit of gesso & gold leaf.

lastly, thoughts for the piece i started last night and some of those birds. and i found a fortune in my misc stuff envelope reading "you will travel far and wide". how perfect is that for a piece with a map as its basis?

to bed, to sleep and dream of being free (in the sense of no responsibility)- flying away and road trips and rock n roll


Diane said...

Ahhhhh, a music lover. As far back as I can remember, the radio was the 1st thing we turned on in our house in the morning. You're not alone Marianne.... I turned 60 last year & I am still rocking strong. I actually try & catch the top 20 countdown each week on VH1.
I love the current music also. Can't even imagine my life without music. Happy Thursday!

mk said...

we appear to be in pretty good company- i can't believe how old some of the people they were talking to on the show look (certainly I haven't changed that much! :)) i am also happy to scout around and find new music- will have to check out the countdown- i usually check out the internet, steve's nephews, etc.

redchair said...

Hi Marianne,
What a GREAT post. I should listen to music more when I work. I tend to let the TV run and love the ‘who done it’s- Crime Scenes’ That’s kind of scary when you thing about it. Maybe that’s something I need to ponder.?!?

I was quite taken by the blue wilderness photo. Fog and dark day. That’s really gorgeous. And what’s the hub cap project? Inquiring minds need to know details.

I love your collage at the bottom. There’s another artist you should get to know. She’s a friend of mine and the two of you have a like mind.
Martha at I think you’d like her a lot

Susan Sager Brown said...

Your metal collab is quite striking. And your tip about using the scanner open with black box for dimensional items is one I will use a lot. Thanks for that!!
I SAW the Clash live in a dumpy theatre in Philadelphia when I was 17. I wanted to BE Chrissy Hynde. Oh, yea, I forgot, I still do. teehee xoSusan

marianne said...

hi vivkie & susan! thanks for stopping by & commenting!

vickie- i did check out martha's blog- thanks- i really enjoy her work!

susan- i never saw the clash (i don't know ho i missed them!) but we do have that wanting to be chrissie thing in common...