Thursday, January 15, 2009

almost friday!!!

it is just disgusting outside! i managed to tell myself it was pretty and peaceful yesterday morning, but i am a big fat liar! it's disgusting! even pollyanna has to face reality sometimes. it's gray, and cold and wet and the air is full of nasty particulates that it's probably not such a good idea to run in. i will anyway, because i need to get out and move (and i can only run for about 45 seconds before stopping anyway).

oh well! there's always alcohol! i did put some music on this afternoon and that helped....

this did too- makes me think of spring.... i laid out the flower transparencies to get an idea of which ones to put on what color base. thought it might be good to plan, since i don't want to make 16 of these twice. this shot is sort of blurry-

close up of one of them-

these might make cool tiles as is. the lighter flowers show up much better on the titan buff, so i'm glad i laid it out. next step is throwing on some gesso, then the gold leaf. still torn about whether to do gold on all or mix it up. i have some silver & bronze leaf too, and the silver might be nice with the white flowers on the buff..... but i also think that people will buy more than one (they're 6x6) and wonder if they should all have the same metal- any suggestions appreciated!

then, while we got the next 20 hard rock songs of all time ( barracuda? hmmmm and the ramones? love the ramones, they do rock- but hard rock? hmmmm- and it was blitzkreig bop, not i wanna be sedated.... anyway) i finished the heart:

i need to extend the edges, but this one is actually close to 8x10. i think i will work up a few more of these for shows- they should sell.

and lastly- this is coming along, though i weenied out and just glued on the transparencies instead of trying transfers. but i wanted the birds solid, and this is the only way to be sure that happens. maybe i'll throw a layer of faux encaustic made with gel medium over top & you won't be able to tell.....

hope to get to aaron bros tomorrow to pick up some buy one get one for a penny frames. i think if i frame the 6x8 mixed media pieces i did this summer, and get some 8x10s for the canvas boards i have to play with i may have a better shot at moving them. sometimes you need to show people how to put something together.

hasta. to those of you who actually have sun- enjoy it!!!! i'll be in tucson in 2 weeks- at least i know we'll see some then...


Pam McKnight said...

hey, I was out there in that mess on Thursday also! I ran/walked up red cliffs across crestline and down Kestral.

Susan Sager Brown said...

Your weinie out comment is hilarious. I know exactly what you mean. I say glue the transp. on and cover it up with gel medium! I think I have also heard that some kind of floor polish is good too, ot that might be for a lazertran transfer. Anyway, who wants to walk by thier art and get an urge to mop the floor??? Once the background is to your liking it's so hard taking a chance on a good transfer. xoSusan

marianne said...

hi ladies- thanks for stopping in & commenting! pam- no end in sight- yuk! go to bogus! it will be sunny there!

susan- so glad i'm not the only one! it's just too bad i had them on apollo instead of the 3m which doesn't transfer as well generally anyway... oh well!