Sunday, November 30, 2008

this weekend's photos

no art time this weekend, working in fairfield, so here are the photos-

took a hike saturday morning, got some practice in with the d300...
the color in this wasn't altered, the contrast was just so high that it looks black & white
love the way the water looks like lace in the next one. i think it could be a basis for an abatract painting.
one thing i tried was playing with shutter speed to see if i could figure out my camera.....first shot below was fast shutter and you can see the individual drops of water.

i slowed down the shutter on this, same rock, the water is now blurred, showing movement.
here's a shot of the tree- i can't believe that these 2 leaves are hanging in as windy as it is here

another tree pic
the light was just beautiful- this is sunset saturday evening-
this is sunday morning light
that's it for now. maybe time for a little bit of painting/playing before bedtime....

Friday, November 28, 2008


from the first errand- nice grafiti in the alley while looking for a place to unload & set up for gg thursday...

yummy pork soup at the empty bowl benefit- i had my camera & didn't get a shot of all of the great bowls out on the table- i cannot believe i missed it. for $10 you get to pick a handmade bowl and you get soup & bread and the proceeds go to the foodbank.

soup is a good thing to have for lunch after thanksgiving- and today was an especially beautiful day to be eating outside.
here's what i got done art-wise....... cards on the top, 5x7 matted art on the bottom..... it always amazes me how getting something ready to sell ( plastic bag, mat, etc.) suddenly makes it look more "real"- about finish & presentation i'm sure.

i hate pricing things, but am thinking $5 for the cards & $7.50 for the matted pieces. if anyone has an opinion i'd sure like to hear it :) each piece is an original handmade item.

and then i thought i should make more magnets b/c they're good stocking stuffers.....i thought i had a back up cartridge but NO. so i drove all the way out to very scary craft warehouse (on black friday? nuts!) only to find that they don't carry xyron or cartridges anymore.......ARGH!!! back home to my old buddy amazon. but i did get a few magnets made anyway:

and then gno, which was fun even if i did just see carolyn, caralea & tracy last night & tracy at noon...... we laugh and it's good.... and paula & deb were there too....

btw, for anyone who reads this & is wondering what is gypsy gallery- in december of 2003 a friend and i organized an art show in an empty store downtown. we have since done quarterly shows with a regular group of artists (usually 8 of us, but at 10 right now b/c we had so many great applicants for the last opening). we rent spaces around town (hence "gypsy") and sometimes do shows where we include other artists. we also rotate through a booth at the saturday market.

it has worked out really well for most of us- 3 of us were in the first show, others have been referred by our local art shop, or come into the group from a call to artists or by knowing someone. we carry liability insurance & a city permit & pay to rent space as necessary. it's a great exchange of ideas and resources for where to buy things like card racks or display panels or tents. our website is not at all up to date (change to vista, which frontpage doesn't work with), but you can check out to get an idea of what we do.
up early to fairfield tomorrow. woo hoo.

day off?

omg- how is it that i can have a day off work that i thought i could play with art to my heart's content and instead:

i will be:
walking dogs (well, always and exercise is good and i can visit with carolyn)
measuring the pioneer building lobby & figuring out set up for gypsy gallery next thursday (ok, that's art related)
going to the empty bowl soup lunch to benefit the food bank (good thing to support, always good soup & a new art bowl)
by now it's 12:30- i can probably get some art done before 5:30 when i'm headed to gno with my friends- but i need to get things put together for gypsy gallery, make magnets & such, so it may be less play & more production

and then to fairfield to paint the house this weekend.

oh well. i'll sleep when i'm dead! and make art after the dog hearing wed and gypsy gallery thurs.

more to follow (and yes, i'm grateful to have such a full life and to be able to do the things i enjoy. it just gets overwhelming once in a while. and thanks to steve for being a good sport about all of it....)

Thursday, November 27, 2008


salud, amor y dinero- y el tiempo para guzarlo

love thanksgiving, love to cook the meal, love enjoying the day with friends & family.....

i always cook b/c i love stuffing, specifically the betty crocker stuffing from my childhood, and me cooking is the only way i know to be sure i get it......
here's the turk...... sorta pale & not too healthy looking, but just wait-

a few hours later (done early, i might add) a wonderful golden well stuffed bird....

steve & tracy & i had a yummy dinner...

i am thankful for being able to cook a thanksgiving dinner in my own house and to share it with friends..... and to be able to live where i want to live, to have a good job, to be creative, thankful for the animals who have come to stay with me, to have a family that loves me and who i love and to have good and very goofy friends

hope you all have a lot to be thankful for too
and i mean to stop and remember what i'm thankful for throughout the year....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i don't feel like i have done anything arty in a long time. i know i needed a recharge, but still... although i have done press releases and come to the show emails...

these are the metal squares from zella for her february show. i need to start thinking about what to do with them, probably make a few more gel medium skins... maybe try etching from an ironed on photocopy.. after gypsy, that is-
put a raw sienna glaze on this- warmed it up & unified things- i like it better. i need to go back in with some darks to define some shapes and then slap some medium over it. it's getting there....
and this is coming along too. i've just been looking at it. then i started rubbing off the blue with rubbing alcohol b/c i didn't like the way everything was buried. i think this is much more interesting, and i like the addition of the red. want to figure out the right way to hang the charms... i may need to go to a craft or jewelry store for some chain- the hemp cord isn't doing it for me, and i don't have any broken gold chains (hard to believe!)
i did pick up a few goodies at joann today- a heat gun to melt lutradur, some embossing powder (hidden at the top) b/c since i now have a heat gun....... well, you know :) and some stamps b/c they were 40% off and some day i will figure out how to do cool things with them like the other people in the yahoo groups and on the blogs i read.

i picked up the small watercolor paper last week thinking i could make a few more hearts for gypsy next week..... in my spare time between cooking thanksgiving dinner, going to the lobby of the pioneer building to figure out how we're going to set up, doing dog stuff (because THAT meeting is next wednesday), work and painting at the fairfield house. see why i skipped art tonight? oh, and there's the snowshoe clinic at rei tomorrow night...
i was having sort of a grumpy day (feeling buried? maybe) so i went to albertsons and bought a turkey and took it to the food bank. and boy did that make me feel better. glad to be able to do that, glad to see the smile on the receptionist's face when she saw the bird, glad to hear they're getting closer to having enough to feed people. and very very grateful for what i have.
and then i checked out loreto mexico where we'll be in a few weeks ( 3 to be exact) and felt myself relaxing a bit more..... it will all be fine.
so i'm having a glass of mommessin beaujolais nouveau- yummy! and thinking about heading to bed. 4 day weekend after tomorrow, and things have been quiet at work...... ahhhhhh

Sunday, November 23, 2008


another photo weekend- love the red of the willow, the tawny grass and the prussian mountains..... these colors will all end up in the house up here.
i keep taking pics of this tree- i think i'll end up with plenty of them, only maybe not so much when it has leaves on it-
inversion today- gray, no sky or mountains to be seen. it can be pretty as long as a person isn't facing the prospect of weeks of freezing weather and no sun because it's inverted.
hoar frost on the grass...
my tree again...
the mules making sure that we all stay far enough away. echo didn't show much interest. halle did but a zap zap here and a zap zap there kept her out of trouble. i would like to get closer to these guys & get some pics- will have to leave the dogs home and do that.
this is all of the painting i got done this weekend....... but it's good:) i really like the dark brown- it will look great when the room's all put together.
and now a bit of r & r. i have a thursday & friday off this week, so i will have a chance to put some things together for december 4 gypsy gallery...

Friday, November 21, 2008


my favorite poet? bob dylan..... probably meaning that i am really lacking classical english education (most likely due to going to high school in colorado in the late 70's, where they actually tried to engage us and teach us to think instead of memorize & regurge- which meant reading carlos castaneda but maybe not so much classic stuff, including poetry. not that one can't be engaged by classic literature but i wasn't at that point)

so, for the digital art challenge around poetry, natural that i would search dylan lyrics.... and here we are-

I hear the ancient footsteps like the motion of the sea
Sometimes I turn, there's someone there, other times it's only me.
I am hanging in the balance of the reality of man
Like every sparrow falling, like every grain of sand.

what is ever so cool about this is that i figured out the magic eraser, which took all of the white out of the hummingbird layer easily (woo hoo!) and that i figured out the text tool.

it's not a great piece of art, but i learned some things out and it's all good.
i made some art today! more to come!
also went to neurolux to hear my friend amber's husband's band go engine now.
steve (good sport) went along. i still smell like cig smoke- contact high! first band needed to be mixed better & to write just one song w/o a long stoned guitar jam. i liked g-e-n, but they were a bit too neil young for steve (who is also fighting a cold).
more art tomorrow, really- besides painting a bathroom....

Thursday, November 20, 2008


two days no art done..... i fiddled around with photoshop- one of the yahoo groups has a digital challenge using poetry. so i was searching dylan lyrics to use and then looking for images. hard stuff- i have a very basic idea of how to make a digital collage, but i don't know enough for it to not be painful....
i want to figure out how to make all of the white in an image clear- i guess i should use the eraser tool- duh!
anyway.... i will keep playing with it, and look for some images to download too.
i should have gotten far enough to maybe actually get something done tomorrow evening, tho! i have to keep remembering that the process is part of making art too....
bedtime- maybe something to actually show for my efforts tomorrow...
who knew dylan wrote so many love sings?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

love tuesday night.....

steve and i were talking about an event later this week and he said i didn't sound too excited. and i said iwas tired & stressed and feeling buried. so he suggested i stay home tonight.

no! art night is therapy! i feel much better as a matter of fact.....

this is coming along. i think i will try the faux encaustic matte gel medium and paint combo to finish off...... this is on canvas. and "they" say not to use some of the heavier mediums on a flexible base, but what the heck- i think it will finish the piece nicely and it's not going to be crazy heavy.
this is coming along too- i like the layers of color & glazes..... i may need to do another light layer or just pick some things out... hmmm... or maybe try draping some jewelry to see how that looks....
happier with this. not great art, but fun & cheery. and we can all use cheery, can't we?

lastly- and i bravely left this at the studio instead of hauling it home only to take it back untouched next week (progress!)- another layer of 50/50 acrylic paint spattered with alcohol. the patterns are cool- they sort of look like bones in places. who knows where this will go :)

it's so good to play!

Monday, November 17, 2008

shaken not stirred

i love daniel craig as bond, don't care what anyone says- he's right up there with sean connery. roger moore was good, but it was different. didn't like pierce as bond at all, tho i like him in other things.....and i liked this movie too. but them i am pretty notoriously happy as long as i'm entertained. can't wait for the star trek movie. i can only hope that shatner has a cameo as james t kirk's dirty old man uncle or something....

anyway- i keep thinking that this will end up with things hanging from it influenced by the offerings i saw at the mission in tucson. so i draped the mardi gras beads and looked at it every once in a while today- and i think that's the right direction. now i need to dig into the old jewelry drawer & see what i have.... and a few more layers of glazes....

and after i posted about stuff in drawers that i should just let go of, i remembered this from some months ago & thought it might be a good match for the leaf print on lutradur that i didn't know what to do with- and lo and behold, it might just work-

more exploration tomorrow night, i'm sure. i think that first thing i'll do when i get to the studio is see if the clock is right! oh, and i better find my key....... hasta-

Sunday, November 16, 2008

more slogging....

5 mi hike this am- happy dogs!, trip to target for spring curtain rods & cheap curtains (found some really ugly $5 and $10 close outs at a home fabric store- perfect! won't matter if they get trashed, will keep fairfield windows covered) then a couch collapse with stephen white & a nap.... up long enough to put the hammock, umbrellas & cushions in the garage, put up another bag of leaves, run the dishwasher, do some laundry & back to the couch....much needed down time, i would say...

this is from last night, not sure what else to do. who knows- maybe paint, maybe a frame, maybe leave it alone...... maybe it's a good thing i have dogs to paint. something with structure might be good right now. bedtime..... and a new book......and, no doubt, more to come.....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

swimming upstream

i am evidently still a bit too unfocused, scattered, whatever to accomplish much on the art front other than wheel i give up.

this was a start of a thought for the lutradur print of the fall leaves (hardy geranium if anyone cares). i like the basic idea, but don't think the paper will hold up and when i tried using gel medium to hold the image & paper together & hopefully strengthen the paper it didn't work so well..... so i need a support for the paper- maybe canvas, maybe wood. or maybe i bag the paper & find some fabric that will work.

what is interesting about this whole piece is that i used to sew and do needlepoint. i found a bunch of yarn & some needlepoint canvas. there may be something coming of that.....i am thinking about golden digital ground & the printer, or stitching lutradur to canvas (of the stretched art variety). we'll see how it goes.

for someone who really doesn't like the beatles, their songs pop into my mind as art titles pretty often. but then, i grew up with them (when i was pretty little- really!) and i do like some of their music- they were so prolific and varied it would be hard to dislike ALL of it.......anyway this is coming along. i decided that since steve and i haven't played scrabble in 10 years or more i could probably pull a few tiles out of the game for artwork....
here's another of the lutradur pieces- one i printed last night making its way onto canvas. curious to see how it looks when everything dries- if it appears transparent or just like cloth. wonder if i can sew thru the paint & rice paper & gel medium....

i was going to try a freezer paper transfer or two, but didn't make it that far. i have some 3x3 inch canvasses to play with too.....i need to quit going 90 miles an hour.

time to think about zella's february show & what to do on the metal pieces i have for that. and i have 2 dog commissions (which will at least help with focus)- zella's standard poodle clapton (for the metal frames) and lilly the great dane from training.

started the day with a bit of a hike, dog class for halle (good thing) and puppy play time, then leaf raking (only 6 bags- more to do tomorrow) the library, a break and art. i may have forgotten how to laze around. mexico in a month should help me remember.

Friday, November 14, 2008

slowly but surely

first off, yummy pupu platter at yen ching with some saki & some laughs with carolyn & caralea- and we all needed it! ahhhhhh. we always have to really pressure the wait staff to say pupu platter tho- it's the flaming appetizer sampler for 2 or some such nonsense.

whatever you want to call it, deep fried yumminess....

home to the couch with the book for a bit. british mystery a bit of a slog right now- may have to go to the library (in keeping with the current austerity program) tomorrow. which is fine, want a book on altered journaling. and the library is right next to kinko's, so maybe some copies for transfers. and it's all close to city hall, where there is a rally for everyone's right to be married which i think i would like to attend...... hmmm, sounds like a busy day (oh, and dog training too).

anyway- printed these on lutradur and one is hanging and drying after being coated with gel medium. i think i really want encuastic medium for these to show up the transparency. of course, where it goes from there i have no idea.

i did this tuesday evening and am looking at it thinking it's really pink...... the original plan was to do a lazertran something on it, but i think it needs to be toned down first.

i am obviously feeling scattered (boop shadoobie shattered) but at least i'm not blocked! i'm sure that i will have a block of time (after the aforementioned activities & leaf raking) this weekend and it will all come together.

lastly- another from tuesday. love this image, love the background but it's clearly not done- another one to think on. i have a few in the drawer waiting for inspiration. maybe i need to give some of these up to learning and move on. maybe that's a lesson that needs to be applied in other areas of my life right now too.....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

more cards

more rubber cement/paint/marker cards.....

throwing a stencil or two into the mix.....

having fun with these, can see how atcs, inchies, etc. can be addictive. if i thought i could get enough of these done i would join the technique swap at art techniques yahoo sounds like an incredible amount of creative energy and ideas.
i think i may choose one of these to print on the lutradur & add beads & other stuff to..... i am also looking at the wood piece from the other night and thinking about the scrabble game in the basement....... which hasn't been played for years- may as well become art.....hmmmm
the juices seem to be flowing again. yay! tomorrow's friday- even more yay!