Saturday, August 30, 2008

market saturday

i love being at the market. don't know if i would love doing it every saturday, but i do love it. it was a beautiful day- not too hot, not windy,just nice. and really busy. even sold enough to cover costs with a little left over, which is always nice. fun to hang, watch people, talk to people & see them enjoy my art- even if they don't buy! (of course i like it better when they do....)

then carolyn brought some caponata & cukes over- and there was some cheese & salami left from last night..... so we had a cocktail & some pupus & caught up on the patio.

the pups hung out too. hoping for cheese, no doubt :)

and in echo's case, a belly rub...

mailbox 2 done, sprayed, ready to go...... next on the project list is painting bella for tracy, and the halle running painting too- a bit of oil painting to be done before the encuastic class in hailey in september.

probably no posts til monday- have a great labor day!

Friday, August 29, 2008

looooooooooooong weekend.....

yep, long weekend- steve & i went out for lunch- last friday for "summer hours" (and one of the few i've been able to take)...... nap, trace came over with a bottle of 'pagne, bec visited, her friends came over, steve woke up & came out, steve h came over- and none of us were productive, but we all had a nice relaxing evening.
market tomorrow- i feel very unprepared, but know i have plenty. just get up early to load..... looking forward to the 3 day weekend.
more art (and new pics) tomorrow-

Thursday, August 28, 2008


very tired girl- we went to fairfield this evening to check house progess. will update THAT blog tomorrow. in the meantime, the fire is still burning making for some dramatic skies.....
dropped most mailboxes at art source today (one of mine, kristy's & pam's). will finish up the other one tomorrow. taking my short summer friday- one of the few i've been able to take.... and looking forward to a long weekend- with lots of art possibilities.
night for now....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

mailbox 1, book done! mb2 close

ok- here's the finished book. silly, but i like it. hopefully whoever buys mb 1 will like it too.... and if no one buys the mailbox, i guess i get to enjoy it :)

in case you missed the story, we are painting mailboxes to raise money for my friend miriam's 401c3, partners in art, which writes arts curriculum for schools, among other things. we have around 30 mailboxes and will hold a silent auction at a local art gallery in september.

i asked for my friends to mail me things to use on my mailbox and got some really fun postcards. carolyn offered pieces of mail and things she's found in houses she's lived in over the years. i couldn't use all of it on the mailbox, so i decided to make this book & include it.

to see the mailbox it's going in, check sunday the 24th blog.

here's mb 2. this one is going faster (surprise!) but i am having fun with it as well. i like the colors and the contrast of the geometric shapes & the flower shapes. hope the post office is OK with green flags..... :) very nearly done, need to decide what to do on the ends & spray var.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

tuesday paint

first- nice art evening with nancy. i am so glad we got the studio & use it. talking and drinking wine was just what i needed to push through the rest of the book. the ability to go on auto pilot and just DO really helps the creativity flow sometimes. it sure helped tonight.

miriam swears there's something magical about the studio- who am i to argue? it's a good place to be & to create.

here's mb 2. didn't work on it tonight at all, but i have a vision....

mb 1 is done... and the book nearly so.

ok- we all know i like dogs. i even like some labs. but i have a major dislike for lab owners who think that because their dogs are loveable labs everyone should love them. on the patio "ziggy" and "marley" running loose, under tables, not rambunctious, not really causing any problems- unless you didn't want someone else's f*ing labrador retrievers under your table sniffing your food.

god forbid there would have been another dog (from sonny the chihuahua to echo bouve to any dog in between) who didn't really want to socialize, b/c ziggy & marley's owner let them wander wherever whenever they wanted- including inside the restaurant, which i am pretty sure is a health code violation.

smoke some more, but keep your dogs to yourself, please. if i want to pet them, i'll make the effort. really. and if you don't want to be bothered to keep them under control leave them at home.

Monday, August 25, 2008

vacation- got to get away

switching the 'puter to vista, reinstalling & figuring out what works, so no art photos tonight (tho i have a good start on mb 2, if i can control the peel factor) and i am damn near done with the book..... i just don't have pics of either......

so, since i REALLY need a vacation (28 days til encaustic class with eve- marie bergren in hailey; 31 days til we leave for austin to see fay and rob- and a bit of music), here are some shots that make me smile from past trips-

Sunday, August 24, 2008

sunday art day

flowers! we have flowers! wow- in august yet! i need to clean the beds & move stuff around & it will be even better next year. not bad considering it's been so hot & there hasn't been much water.

mailbox finally good. caralea kept saying she didn't like the red stars friday night, so i thought i would white some of them out to make it more negative space than red. then i started knocking back the color more. and i like it much better now. tracy agreed. whew!

worked on the book today and started mb 2. it was nice to have time to putter. after the dog walk.

speaking of dogs, here's miss swiss lolling about..... ok, time to rest up for tomorrow-

Saturday, August 23, 2008


this is probably the last day for satchel's grill.

satchel's was open for 5 years and was a center of creative energy. musicians came for jams on thursdays & saturdays, and for regular shows in between.

gypsy gallery was here every april. i sold a few pieces from showing at satchel's- unusual for a restaurant show. many local artists' work has graced the walls over the years.

this is a community center that will be missed. the proof of which is the effort by customers to raise money to keep the place open (which doesn't seem to be enough).

i am so sorry to see satchel's close. the food was good, we liked riding our bikes down to watch movies, drink wine & eat dessert. their support of the community- whether it was bike teams, musicians or visual artists- was inclusive and beyond anything else i have experienced in town. they were always up for a benefit .

besides that, dominic and allison are just very nice people.

and they throw one hell of a wake- this is how i want to go out..... knowing i gave it my best shot and looking to the future-

Friday, August 22, 2008


feeling like maybe a real weekend- nothing that HAS to be done- except working tour de fat tomorrow- selling beer bracelets- legal was born in 1987- wow.

caralea's birthday gno. pair. good food & cocktails, mediocre (at best) service. at least he wasn't surly- just incredibly laid back (some might say inattentive). the mayor was there- that table seemed to be getting good service. i remember the last trip being this way too... oh well, i shouldn't be dissing any local business. the people will vote with their pocketbooks- and if they're wrong sometimes (satchel's case in point) it sucks, but it is how it is.

then home for a nightcap & more doodling.

happy birthday dad!