Thursday, July 31, 2008


meltdown today- i would guess pretty normal after 2 weeks w/o a day off & more than 1/2 of those 12 hr days.....the good news is that i can't really find anything in my vast repertoire of art to symbolize meltdown very well.... most of it is too- happy and calm- which is a good thing to discover.

so i went to micheal's which is exactly the thing to do when you mess one tiny little thing up, blow it all out of proportion, are sure you will be fired and in the poor house next week. (i also called fay, guaranteed to make me feel laugh and better).

anyway- no progress on art today, but got supplies for the altered book that wants to go in the mailbox, finished janet who also made me laugh, got a postcard from tracy:

ver' nice, isn't it? except for the michael jackson & tom cruise parts- but who am i to be the culture cop?

this mixed media stuff is addictive- crafty enough to be like grade school, arty enough to feel respectable (don't ask hub, who likes charlie russell & remington style stuff what he thinks, b/c it's not that sort of thing, but i get good response from other folks). plus it is very free- i play, if it works great, if not it goes in a drawer until i can figure it out. not like trying to paint something to look like an actual place, critter or object.

painful for me to think abt defacing a BOOK, so i have diaries & photo albums so far. but it's more about giving it a new life than defacing- i just need to get there. and since books are something i LOVE to get in the mail, it's a right thing to be in the box. be fun to play with.....

tamale is friday and i am going to take the whole weekend off! woo hoo!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


here's what i have so far for the mail box- shaping up nicely!

carolyn donated some very old postcards & letters that she found in various houses she's lived in, and some stamps from argentina. zella sent a postcard with the nicest note on the back.... this is quite fun already! now i hope i can do things justice.....

trip cancelled- relief, even tho i think i should go. nice evening- a cocktail on the red feather patio discussing next year's we art women benefit. will keep getting bigger & better & making more $$ for the wca.

bed tonight before 10? great idea!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

almost like a day off!

first i have to share this photo i took this morning. love it- it looks like a painting to me and the sagebrush has such nice flowy movement and the sky was beautiful.

i stopped working at 5 and felt like i was on vacation- a whole evening in front of me! maybe not smart- still stuff to do, but i needed it!

so i talked to steve, and read a bit, and played a bit. kristy & nancy couldn't make it to the studio tonight, so i stayed home.... and played here-

these are all 8x10 canvas panels, and they all have transperancies on them. tried a transfer with the cactus bench tonight & failed miserably- back to the drawing board on that one..... but i am liking the way all of these are shaping up. it will be fun to take them to first thursday in a few weeks & see what people think.

off to bed- mas tamale-

Monday, July 28, 2008

the art of knowing what's enough

at it til 9 p.m. the dogs are really happy that we go out in the morning and then i am at my computer for the next 12 or more hours. i'm really happy about it too. 2 weeks without day off.

had a chat with a colleague about how wanting to do a really good job can kill you. unless given the time & tools, it can be a pretty frustrating and stressful experience. take a deep breath, figure out how to provide as much as possible & let the rest go.

i have been thinking about art, tho, in between. i am really excited to play with the little pieces and to start my mailbox.

in fact, i was happy to get the mail to the left today! it's always good to get books in the mail- in fact, i may have to leave one in the box- but even better was puff, to remind me to be a kid. thanks mom! and fearless fourteen will surely provide some levity!

and now....... better rest up for another looooooooooong day. just as soon as i finish my rum.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

day of rest (mostly)

hit the wall today- i managed to work for a few hours, but the old brain wasn't firing and i gave up...... so steve took me out for lunch to satchel's and then we went for a drive in the jeep to the country. saw lots of wheat & alfafa & corn & cattle & horses & goats & sheep & gawdawful ugly huge huge homes. don't get it...... but i don't have to live in them, or look at them, so who cares? it was cooler out on the farm ground and fun to ride in the open air jeep with the music blasting and just not have to DO anything.

these are carolyn's petunias- they're overflowing and beautiful, as is the rest of her yard.

and then- i played some more! the first one is getting stranger, but i kind of like it. next one- will paint more then do a transfer. i really like the image of the reflection and think it will be nice on the right background. and added a layer to the farm image that i use so often. good just to play, not worry about how they look or getting finished.

i have a few things i do need to work on, tho- like bella for tracy & the mailbox.... things should lighten up at work after this week, maybe i can have a life again.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

art of practical solutions

another productive day- damnit! walk, work, oil changed, new tires, hardware store (hose & possible art supplies) work, ack! and more tomorrow.

to take a break this afternoon, steve suggested an outing with the dogs. too hot to go anywhere but the river, and of course we had to take the jeep, but how to take the dogs in the jeep? a practical solution- the pen i bought when halle was a pup is now a nice dog crate. what a great idea! the pups quite enjoy riding back there.

neither is much of a water dog, but echo gamely followed me across the river ( he is beginning to adore me, i knew it could happen! :)) of course, in true bouve fashion, he was struggling, letting the current drag him along, poor bunnyman- until he saw a dog he had to know across the water and then he struck out in a most determined fashion. only to be sadly mistaken about his opportunity.

then there's the swisster. she tried to ignore us and play with every other dog and person there but she finally gave in. the second shot cracks me up, because i swear she has her mouth open & tongue hanging out in the classic halle running with reckless abandon pose. fun change of pace- and both were conked this evening, another plus.

i worked until i couldn't stand it anymore and then played a bit. while steve checked out bands we need to see at acl (austin city limits) in september. wow. lots of really good music! when i started dancing to the racontours he observed that i might scare some of the youngsters at the show, but i figure they'll want to be like the old lady they see rocking out to jack white & co...... or maybe i'll just go fuschia for the weekend.....

here's the art progress made..... the first one isn't attached- i'm not sure it's the right thing yet, but i ike the image, and seeing things on the blog always helps me. i may do an actual transfer instead of attaching the transperancy..... or paint on the back to bring out some of the details...... who knows?

2 and 3 are coming along.... 2 keeps rotating- not sure which way it wants to be, but there's more to be done & we'll figure it out. i find that what seems obvious to me about which way a piece should hang is not always as clear to others- it's interesting. and i think the sign of good composition. "they" say you should look at works in mirrors, upside down, etc to spot flaws.

3 wanted some sort of framing element. it's coming along nicely.

and now- off to bed so i can WORK again tomorrow. this sucks. good thing i like my job.

Friday, July 25, 2008

art of friendship

nasty week at day job, late nights, little to no rec (xcept lyle, which was great)work stress life in general stress

sometimes it just works better for your friends to break you out of the cycle- they aren't as close to it as your loved one and they don't take you as seriously when you say "i am quitting my job leaving no forwarding address and moving with the dogs to a beach in mexico to be discovered as the fine artist i am" friends ask you to send postcards & want to know how soon they can visit. people who have finances and houses and cars in common could (rightly) rain on your parade.

it was a loverly eve on the deck with a special guest appearance by leafie, fab food, good cocktails, lotsa laughs, dog talk, book talk, music talk. ahhhhhhhhhh

work tomorrow- tonight no

bonus points for anyone who can tell me what the pics are

Thursday, July 24, 2008

fooled me!

silly me, to think i was almost done.....ah well. at least now i have direction. anyway- worked til 9 (with a goody's ice cream break with hub in there), so no play tonight. these are what i did last night.

the first one is a good old rubber cement resist, will keep layering on colors & rubbing off rubber cement (i always loved to play with it as a kid in school!) to get some sort of background for a photo or transfer or something.

next two continuation of things from the other night. i am having fun with these... we'll see how they turn out! and i got some art books in the mail today- one on collage & creativity and 2 on abstract painting- one on abstracts in nature & one on abstract & color. i figure that if i'm going to keep playing with these things i should understand how they need to fit together.

a valuable lesson from the poor leaves who as still unfinished and the dog collage which is done.

off to bed, tomorrow's friday- hopefully i won't have to work ALL weekend...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


tired and uninspired. so a scroll thru some different things lurking on the 'puter. i really should better organize the files, but when? and i do sometimes find inspiration....

which one of these things is not like the other?

anyway- an end in sight for planning, and i think my brain was just too fried to play tonight, even tho i tried. so we'll give it a rest. forcing play seldom works well.

hopefully the mind will turn off & i can sleep.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

live music

we had a conversation a few weeks ago about live music. some musician quoted as saying he didn't know why anyone went to live shows when cds sound so much better.

i have been to a few shows where i wondered why i spent the money, when the cd (or lp) would have been just as exciting (robert cray, neil young- maybe they were having off nights.....)

but when things are firing, there is something that a live show gives that nothing else can. i think it's about being in the moment and knowing that exact moment will never be repeated. which of course is true for everything, but somehow, for me, it seems more apparent or immediate at a concert. and then there's the whole crowd/ entertainer dynamic. and of course the music itself. does soothe the savage beast, or incite, or any number of other things.....

anyway- lyle lovett tonight outside- fabulous! he had a local church choir sing with him- it was so great. he used part of the philharmonic a few years (well, maybe more than a few) ago when i saw him. and we ran into steve & elena, which just added to the fun.

tracy- this is for you b/c you always tease me about staying focused about the art thing on the blog. lemme tellya, the chocolate raspberry milanos are all about the art of the cookie! :)

lastly, hard to photo, but the transfer on the steel piece is below. no clue where to go from here, but i think it's really cool. something will present itself.

off to bed.....

Monday, July 21, 2008

playing! woo hoo!

funny how you can work all day & feel like you have a night off cuz you can stop before 8 p.m. i had so much fun playing tonight! couldn't work- the program had a glitch (and lyle lovett is tomorrow night, so i'm thinkin i'll be taking that off too....) very close to done for now), is the good news.....

so this is what i was motivated to play with after miriam's birthday. wanted to use the little canvas boards anyway- bought for plein air class in jackson that never happened. i think i can make fun art that's affordable..... we'll see.

my favorite didn't scan- it's a caulk transfer from a transperancy on a piece of roofing steel that has so many possibilities... it is way cool.
the first 2 here are alcohol dropped onto an acrylic wash, which makes very cool splotches (i think). sort of tie dye. transperancy on top of the first one, which is what i was thinking. what i love about putting things on the blog is that i get removed enough to see things i don't otherwise. like the flower in the upper middle of the second one which could send me in a whole different direction......
anyway- bedtime, fun evening! more to come.....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

this too shall pass....

put in a couple of 6 hour day job days this weekend- and still not as far along as i should be, but there is the point where it makes more sense to stop than keep going and make mistakes to fix later. trying to maintain buddha (or cat) like zen attitude, so far, so good.......

i was so ready to play is what's a drag. printed some transfers, have some 8x10 canvas board to play with- different underpainting techniques, paper, sharpies...... the birthday square gave me some fun ideas- but they'll still be there when i have time to breathe again.

fortunately in the meantime there's always the camera & the's almost august & we have flowers- positive sign :)

this photo is for dad- and yes, it came with the spiffy seat covers! more fun to look forward to .

off to bed now, more numbers tomorrow-

lucky me again!

we rode our bikes downtown, had a great dinner, watched professional bike racers, had a few glasses of wine, watched the princess bride (twoo love!) with choc cake and another glass of wine and pedalled home. took the indestructo camera as it fits in the purse & got some fun shots.
even tho i worked the bulk of the day it is a very cool thing to live where we do and not have to drive to enjoy most of what we like to do. lucky, remember that!
ordered some books on abstract painting this am. may as well know how it should work, since the mm is pretty much headed that way...... more day job work manana. first break in sight is tues night- lyle lovett