Monday, June 30, 2008

the art of the dinner

wow.... we had a fabulous dinner, paired with great wines and company at the falcon. these pics don't even come close to doing the evening justice, but if there was ever an art form that can be universally appreciated, it's the art of cooking....especially what these guys do!
well worth taking the evening off..... and lucky steve has a torte for breakfast (an apricot ginger and other yummy stuff torte)
painting tomorrow night- bedtime now....

Sunday, June 29, 2008

vamos a mejico!

well, in december, but i am psyched!!!! spot chosen, hotel and airlines booked..... and- oh no! we have to go a day earlier than planned to use miles. but we'll suck it up. tequila that is :)

started with a hike on corrals- and got a photo that i really like. love the light and the abstractness of it. steve likes it in color, i like it in b & w. this would be a fun basis for a painting sometime too..... flows nicely.

next, the garden. another clematis shot- tho i didn't get the lime/purple combo..... new in the front yard, in the heat, are the coreopsis, lychnis (rose campion, grandma's flower- take your pick) and the stellas & pincushion flower (scabiosa).

next, still working the maple leaves. added some modeling paste & made an impression of a leaf, then scratched the edges in with a toothpick. dripped some separated bronze paint to get the weathered look. traced the leaves with black again. it's getting closer. might be stencil time again.

transfers onto some of the cool paper mentioned yesterday. both apollo transperancies, first is golden gel, second is alcohol. there was another not very successful alcohol attempt.

then i started laughing & calling myself names ( f*&^ing idiot among them) when i realized i could just print on the paper instead of trying to get a clean image with a transfer. only if i want specific placement, which i did with coyote & the one that didn't work that could be a challenge, so maybe not such a bonehead.

anyway- bedtime for bonehead- early, very busy, day tomorrow-

Saturday, June 28, 2008

background noise

latest garden blooms are the clematis- some of them anyway.... need to get a shot of the purple one tomorrow- it is growing among the hops, which are sort of lime green and the colors are great together. a bit late for the light when i took this photo.

i did some background, base layer stuff this evening. after having the traditional summer pina colada in the secret garden with the evil one.

i tried to have the traditional summer pina at the bar yesterday, but when she said they'd make it with malibu rum, b/c they didn't have coconut i opted out. good thing- the same place put sweet & sour mix in their mojitos- is nothing sacred? improvising is ok, but you really need to let people know that you've messed with a classic. some of us know what specific cocktails should taste like, and that's what we expect. (yes, i have been accused of being a purist- what of it?)

up and out early with the pups- and again tomorrow- it's getting HOT!

i gessoed another piece of particle board, and knocked back one of the other pieces a bit with some gesso as well. i'm still futzing with the piece with the leaves that i liked the stencils on but covered them up anyway. sanded down the tissue layer and added a transfer of leaf outline. i think i don't like the muddiness where i went over previous layers.... maybe i should bag it for a while.

bought scrapbooking paper to play with. kristy (she is such a bad influence!) had some tuesday, and some of it is beautiful- and good mixed media component. i still have the little 4x6 canvas boards that i was going to make postcards for the market with. now i'm thinking using this paper, and transfers and seeing what comes up.

better get to bed if i think i am going to be productive tomorrow.

btw, rhum barbancourt is very nice with some club soda & a squeeze of lime... rum seems just the thing when it's closing in on 100.


eat the ipod

here are better pics of the work i did the other night, just for grins, hope to get some more work done this weekend.
it was a very pleasant evening until we came home to find that my dog ate my ipod charger cord- and , unfortunately, the little silk bag i keep it in, because she wasn't crated. guess i should have done that before i left at 6. and just left her in the crate until midnight instead of assuming- because we all know what assuming does, don't we?now i know. hope it passes instead of causing blockage.

what i can't quite figure is why, of all of the things in my bag that she could have fished out to eat (and trust me, there was stuff in there to chew on- the gps, paper, pens, the bag itself) this seemd like the thing. who cares about the charger cord, but the silk bag has me worried. at least we'll know what we're looking for if there's a problem.
looks like a fun filled weekend ahead.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

no pics

it should be illegal to have a borders in an airport- especially for people who are are there 5 hours before their flight leaves b/c there is work to do and then...... the internet connection works UNTIL you try to log into the company's system to do that work.

i was trying not to start drinking quite that early, and not to buy the really cute $145 bracelet in the art store, so borders beckoned. since they moved to the mall at home i only shop there when i'm on the road. so i am now reading jen lancaster's latest "such a pretty fat" and laughing out loud- again.

in that spirit- no pics, only words.

people watching- favorite so far is the guy at the bar in chili's wearing shorts (b/c it is brutally hot- 113- out side) and a suit coat (b/c it is airconditioned to arctic temps inside).

overheard: the woman who was telling this man that although the town she and i both live in is small and seems like a nice place there has been a meth lab, another drug bust, some other trauma & a body in the canal behind her house in the last 5 years. i am wondering where on the bench she lives. and where she came from that that amount of crime in 5 years is exceptional- maybe she's trying my normal technique of "oh, it's not that nice here, it really sucks mostly" (no one ever believes me).

most obnoxious- full bar, sideways sitting full figured clueless woman blocking one of the few empty seats in the bar....

favorite work moment- finding out that the guy who is incredibly clean cut & works for the competition is a secret metal head- very funny! music is the great equalizer- i think that people who don't like music might be even more suspect than those who don't like dogs........ well, a toss up

lastly, met a shiba, cute little guy with the right attitude- if he wanted to say hi, it was all good, but DO NOT think that i will pay you attention b/c you want it :)

and now- back to the book-

p.s. ok bitchy girl should be slapped, b/c of course clueless woman blocking the only avaible bar seat was really nice and would have totally moved if asked. been clueless once or twice in my life, i should be nicer......

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


it was 113 at 2:30 this afternoon.

how do people function in this heat? wow. hot and tired may be worse than cold and tired..... it is definitely harder to focus!

after driving around and working in the heat, the hotel and the obligatory "i have a waterproof camera, i must take a picture in the pool" shot. kinda cool, dontcha think? the water wasn't- it was like bath water, but better than not being in the pool.

next , me being me, the botanical shots. still thinking about the structural qualities of the desert plants- like the bw cactus. not as much blooming in the heat, but these orange & yellow flowers are going, and still a few straggling bouganvillea.

great dinner- sort of surprisingly, since it was at what looks like a touristy place on scottsdale blvd walkable from the hotel. looks like a great margaritas on the patio under the misters with rock music blaring kind of place- good nachos & guac. dinner was also tasty- these ancho pork tamales, for example. the art of the good meal.

lastly, there is still an old mission here. of course, i would need to either paint or photoshop it to lose the street signs, but it was a beautiful sunset (fires somewhere) and nicely framed by the palms.

mas tamale

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

another tuesday night

what a good thing it is to be making art on tuesday nights again..... nancy and jenifer and kristy and me. much fun and creativity. music, wine, laughter- how can we not make good art?

nancy just amazes me. she does the coolest out of her head abstract landscapes and just plain abstracts, very detailed. i had to laugh, because jenifer asked her where they come from tonight- i asked the same question a month or so ago. and her answer was similar to what mine would be- they sort of just come, she just thinks about them.

jenifer does such a nice job with watercolor- i really like the way she uses the paint. vibrant colors, nice textured loose areas and detail where she wants it. it's really a nice combination of letting the paint do what it will and controlling the outcome- or that's what i perceive anyway.

kristy does great work. i cannot believe that she just sold her first original painting- but there is proof positive that there's no rhyme or reason. i am sure that she would sell in ketchum or jackson. she is the one that i can copy, borrow from, be inspired by. we use the same media & kind of play the same. we must sort of think alike (i'm certain of this ever since she started singing along with hole last week- and here i thought i was the only one - well, i may be the only nearly 50 year old one...). maybe it's because of the colors & graphic aspect. who knows- but it's great fun, and the possibilities are endless. i am really looking forward to the class in hailey.

it's great because we all help each other out, regardless of medium or how our finished work looks, we all see color and composition and light and dark. art has brought me so many people i would not otherwise know. it is a gift in so many ways.


Monday, June 23, 2008

baby steps

a tiny bit of progress. it was sort of a hell day. i just need to keep remembering that i am lucky to be employed, and to actually like the day job most of the time. better to have the occasional hell day than have it be every day.

i washed some naples yelow (one of my favorite landscape colors) over the first one and it looks a bit better. it still needs something, will have to keep looking at it to figure out what. maybe the girls can help tomorrow night.

second one will be just what i wanted to do once the tissue dries & i add a wash or two.... headed the right direction. the transfer will show more now, less competition. i like the layers with glimpses of what's underneath.

signed up for an encaustic class this fall- yay! kristy is going to take it with me. will be fun to learn something new, and the woman who is teaching is well known & respected. it will be big fun. and the day after i get home, we go to austin for acl- so i will have an entire week- and a day- off ! what a luxury!

and now- dreamtime-

Sunday, June 22, 2008

that awkward stage

did manage to work on some things- yay! hike with the dogs before it got too bloody hot (almost made it), obedience with the hallster- she is getting to be a very good girl- a couple of hours of dayjob stuff, laundry, cleaning, etc.... short nap

i did some work on these and now they are both very ugly and in the scary "this is really hideous and i will never be able to save it" stage. number 2 more than number one, because i can sort of see my way out of that one. more tissue paper layers to bring down the photos & more stencils. the transfer may stay visible tho. we'll see.
the second one just looks dirt instead of having a nice aged patina which is what i was going for, so i will probably scrub it & start over. one great thing about acrylics!
and a good thing to come out of tuesday night group- kristy had some stencils there, & i like the effect- so here we go- more to play with! :)


for a day where i didn't have to do anything, i was sure busy..... out with dogs, errands, then i crashed........ nap, looked at stencils & design books & read on the porch, but nothing else this evening.

great storm- thunder, wind, a little bit of moisture. drank too much wine, so i hope i feel motivated tomorrow- day job work to finish up, and art ideas to act on.
in the meantime, here's the late june garden-

Friday, June 20, 2008

get smart!

and go to bed...... but first, a post.

here are a couple of things i need to finish. neither is very far off, so maybe i can get something done this weekend- would be good! i actually have nothing that i have to do- except some work- all weekend- amazing! it will be like a vacation! it was great to visit mom & dad last weekend, but it's not like lazing about the house..... like THAT will happen anyway! need flowers for the steps, gotta get the pups out, do the aforementioned work, etc....

saw get smart- and laughed! loved the tv show- we used to watch it every sunday, and i find steve carell very amusing- it didn't disappoint us at all, and there was laughter in the theater- good light summer fare.

off to bed- and here's hoping it's not up every 2 hours with poor upset bouvie tummy again tonight- tho he does seem to be feeling better...since he stole halle's bone and is teasing her into frenzies of very amusing swissy noises (you'd have to be here..... the high pitched puppy barks, not so much, but the wooowooowooo with the inflections made by the movement of the big flappy lips, that's funny :))

Thursday, June 19, 2008


i should post a pic of an excel spreadsheet. and get better at using them. just finished (for now) revising 2008 plan. and it ain't pretty. so i'm going to try to sleep so i can kill myself tomorrow. and probably work much of the weekend. oh boy, planning hell begins.

but i am glad to have a good job that i like for the most part :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

other stuff...

i didn't get any farther, artwise, than i was last night. lots of day job stuff, visit with mom in law, review proposed bylaws & articles for meeting tomorrow. and exhausted- i was so excited last night about creating that i couldn't go to sleep until well after 10- 5 :30 comes awfully early!

i did try the art of looking into the crystal ball at work today- forecasting, which as an art all its own.... somehow the other stuff, the dirty hands stuff, is lots more fun for me!

the pieces i started have dried nicely and i see some good possibilities emerging. they will be fun. i also have a few things hanging around to be finished- hope to have time this weekend to play- nothing that HAS to be done, believe it or not! yay!

bedtime now, for a good run at the day tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


oh good- i DO still have a creative bone left in my body!

it seems like it's been forever since i have painted/played with mixed media/whatever, so it was a luxury to be able to do so tonight. and i am ever so relieved that i remember how. meaning that it was a good, fun, things just kind of flowing evening instead of a struggle. of course laughing and drinking wine with kristy & nancy probably helped :)

who knows where these will go, but i think they're headed in a good direction. first one will get some more color washes to play up the texture and add interest. not sure where the second is going. kristy did some cool things with stencils and that might be a good balance to the organic stuff going on there now. glad the leaf transfer ended up working out (apollo transperancy printed on the epson, golden gel medium). it was iffy for a while, but kristy suggested leaving it longer & it worked better.

i have absolutely no idea where this is going, but the layers are adding up nicely. the lonely dog/ wine label will need company of one sort (dog) or another (wine). yippy skippy!

and i have 26 mailboxes in my car to take to the art source for people to paint to auction off to raise money for miriam's non profit. 18 spoken for so far, which is cool. need to think about what to do with that too.....

it's all good!

Monday, June 16, 2008


i've started this 3 times. i am trying to come up with something interesting, but there's nothing there tonight.

i'll be creative tomorrow.

tonight, i'm going to crash & take my grumpy attitude with me.

tomorrow- painting with the girls, more mixed media and creativity. probably just what i need to regroup & get started again.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

flower power

wow- back from denver, pick up dogs, nap, father's day bbq.....there are a lot of days where if any art gets done , it is photography. i know i should draw, but it's not likely to happen..... but i can take photos. which is ok. and thru the summer, it will probably be flower photos. they are close at hand, easy to shoot. besides, they're pretty & it's still camera practice.

nice light this evening. the ballerina rose & snow in summer reminds me of one of the scans- just the layout of it. and miss tink hamming it up. very social kitty, misses people when we're gone.
i am having thoughts about mixed media pieces. bought some sheet music on denver. still trying to figure out where to go with the cafe collage i started a few weeks ago. wine label, menu, something...... and i bought a disposable film camera for cheap at office depot in denver- figuring i can take some shots & play with the resulting prints- bleach, who knows what else. will take to foothills in the a.m.
ok- i feel better, the creative juices are going. time for bed-

an internet connection!

well, mom & dad have one, but it kind of goes in & out..... and nothing wireless that i could get our laptop to, and then steve was asleep when i was wanting to post..... so here we are now.

anyway- quick, but good trip. the neighborhood is nice- in the city- wouldn't have to drive much of anywhere- restaurants, market, shopping, art. walking distance to downtown and the mall shuttle.

funny how the city feels like a small town when you settle into your own area. it was funny walking down the street & seeing st francis from mom's garden on the church courtyard wall. beautiful sunny day, people playing in the river with their dogs & kids.

and good to be home..... maybe even some actual art done this week!