Saturday, May 31, 2008

busy day

but successful! great poop scoop, artwork from satchel's to gallery at hyde park. still need to make prints, but it was a good start. nap, dinner, more dog stuff...... tomorrow i will make some prints- some of the yellowstone photos for sure, and will have to dig back & see what else is there. first thursday next week, and the market on saturday, as well as needing new prints to ghp. then can i sleep? there's plenty of day job stuff too.

here's what we'll be up to tomorrow- and looking forward to it!

rock & roll!

Friday, May 30, 2008

the art of friendship

i do hope that i practice the art of friendship as well as my friends do. miss fay (geographically far away) and carolyn (bad timing lately). good laughs with trace & caralea tonight..... it is so easy to get too busy and so important not to.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


long day- and still working- whew. needless to say- no art. at least we ran this morning, though. so here are 2 landscapes that i did several years ago.

this is the first piece i ever had accepted in a juried show- at the art source, as a matter of fact. that was pretty exciting! even more so to walk in and see the other pieces that were selected. quite humbling- and reaffirming at the same time.

the original is gone- sold to someone in colorado who saw one of the cards, but i still sell prints & cards. everyone knows where it is- it's horseshoe bend hill, or the desert in eastern oregon, or nevada. which i take to mean that i have captured something in the western landscape that speaks to people who love it. (none of the above)

this second one was rejected from the same juried show a year later. the juror that year picked maybe one traditional landscape. and walking that show was also reaffirming. just what kathy said- so much depend on the juror. fortunately, i knew i had done a good job on this painting and it was a matter of taste.

and yes, the reflection really was that red! leaf bought this one, so i still get to see it once in a while.

i haven't painted a landscape in a long time. not since even before kathy died. i've been thinking about it- wondering how different they would look- might be time to give it a shot again- a good thing about tuesday night painting, the 3 hr chunk of time makes oil painting possible again.

ahhhh. boss here tomorrow, pick up art from gcl, gno, need to print a raffle item, and prints for ghp, poop scoop sat morning, art from satchels to ghp..... agility sunday...... edwards in there somewhere...... no rest until maybe next friday!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

gardening and the desert

i was thinking that my garden may be sadly lacking this year, since i haven't been able to do much except clean up from last year. still need to whack silver lace vine (ongoing), divide and move things, plant my pots....even tho it's pretty low maintenence (because we know how i love maintenence!) stuff still needs done. and i want my fountain set up, so i can sit & relax with a glass of wine.

then i actually walked around and looked. and though there is trimming and dividing and moving to be done- i am most certainly not sadly lacking! i have an abundance of roses blooming or ready to. roses that don't need to be rigidly pruned or fed and aren't really too fussy about much. and they smell incredible! (and columbine, and vinca, and false indigo and perennial bachelor button, ajuga, thyme, snow in summer, candytuft, and i think a few other things) so it pays to set things up so that they can survive on their own for a while. and to choose things that will thrive in their environment rather than trying to force and having to coddle. glad to have learned THAT lesson!

i will miss art & roses this weekend- too bad the triathalon got in the way. tho it might be a blessing in disguise for me with everything else (read:dogs) going on.

tracy said they had someone talk at work who said that when a person is doing art they're in a very healthy head space that is conducive to stress reduction and to healthy living. so there's another reason to keep art blogging (and slogging) away.

so here are the 3 desert dreams and the altered photos they started from. pretty fun stuff! 2 lazertran over acrylic medium and overpainted with alkyd, the other one is a gel transfer from a transperancy overpainted with acrylic. i see endless possibilities...

wow- long post from the mk today. downloading cs3 on the laptop so i can start sharing yellowstone pics. dog hearing next wed, gypsy next thurs (note to self- press release!), market next sat- then maybe rest? nah- i'll sleep when i'm dead.

better get some prints put together for ghp and raffle. mas manana

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

tuesday night club returns

ahhh- so nice to be back in the studio with kristy & nancy! we laughed and painted and decided we are going to try collage next week. scary for me- conjures up images of junior high and cutting pics & words out of magazines to try to communicate- something very profound! we'll see how it goes.

wonder where the line blurs from collage to mixed media. that would be more me- sort of messy & layered & not as laid out/thought out. it will be fun to see how nancy & kristy approach it.

anyway- tonight- happy with the start on the transfer above. photo transfer from apollo transperancy to canvas with golden gel medium. painted with alkyd. it may not need a lot more work, other than the sky at the top- we'll see.

these are the other 2 dream mixed media pieces. you can see the images are a reverse of the one from yesterday. these are lazertran on canvas, so the image isn't reversed like on a transfer.

transfered to canvas with acrylic medium (one glass beads, one fiber) over painted with alkyd.

promise to take all 3 out into the yard for real photos tomorrow. i am just so excited to have spent time painting that last 2 days!!!!!

now i need to make a print for the raffle saturday & some more to swap ot at the gallery. good thing i don't have much going at night this week!

desert dreams

are definitely not dale's dream anymore! it has turned into something completely different, but i like it and think it's almost done....

Monday, May 26, 2008

3rd day

this was the week to have a 3 day weekend- if i hadn't had today too i wouldn't have felt like it was much of a weekend. still did lots- hike with dogs, home depot/best buy/target yard work- dirt under the nails as good as paint on the hands! and it even rained after i moved things around- which is good, cuz it was warm when i started.

press release done,poops scoop getting organized, a few more signed up for gypsy.

and- art! ordered mats & plastic bags for prints, wired the back of daisy, sonny, the deserts & come dancing. realized echo needs a few more coats- can see the grid, not good. and worked on the long skinny desert dream. nearly done looking very different. will shoot tomorrow- the flash washes the center out if i try inside.

so, i will have stuff for ghp and daisy is ready for art source show. whew.

photos manana. and painting tomorrow night and i get to hear about kristy's trip- yay!

bed time now- i suspect it will be a busy rest of the week.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


my friend leaf had to put her buddy putti down last week. sad news. putt was only 8, cancer was making her life miserable. tough tough deal. they give us so much, and they are so hard to let go. although we all know it's part of what comes with living with dogs- they just don't live long enough- it's still hard. i still cry for queen b & the ted sometimes.

only one day left to paint. let's see, today we had a nice long walk, grocery store, some laundry, geek squad out to make the kids quit squabbling over who gets to use which computer...... that was a brilliant move until that which worked perfectly when the geek walked out the door didn't an hour after he left. always the way. and i didn't even think that the network set up when logged in as marianne wouldn't be set up when logged in as steve. geek will be back, poor guy. but it will be great when it's done.

at least i sent out another note about june gypsy and got some more interest (yay!), got poop scoop press release done, worked on the website a bit, took a nap.

i know i will paint tuesday night, if not tomorrow, and i need to put wire on the back of sonny ( for GHP) and daisy ( for art source).

not much lolling around this 3 day weekend...... or any weekend for the forseeable future. oh well!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

where does the time go?

wow- busy day. dogs out in the morning, agility, home depot, nap, race track....... and here we are. i did play with a few photos, some fun things here.

no painting yet.... but 2 days left, so i will.

Friday, May 23, 2008

another day, no art

dare you to give me a hard time for not making art!

it's a good thing i was so jammin earlier this year because i am consumed with dog trails.

no matter how much i want to make art daily, these days between the day job, the need to right the incredible wrongs done to responsible dog owners and the need to have a life all i can do is the dog blog where at least there's a scenic photo.

but i will have paint stained hands this weekend- promise!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

no art....

day job, trail dog- oh, wait, i met women from the committee of the wca benefit art show- that's got to be art related, right?

actually, working on writing a letter, which is an art, especially when you have one page to persuade. let's hope it was written artfully enough to do some good.

and good night! no plans tomorrow, so hopefully i can play a bit.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


spent the evening installing cs3 and going through the yellowstone photos. without a big zoom outfit, the wildlife shots are just not going to be spectacular, but i have some that are pretty good, and i learned a bit.

quite a few more to go through. the best photos are the landscapes- all of the sky and water. no surprise there.

very tired, trying not to get sick, so not much more tonight. hope to have photos ready to post soon- for some reason, blogger doesn't want to upload tonight, so i'll try again tomorrow-

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


a lot can change in 3 days. look what happened in the yard while we were gone! from one type of nature photography to another.

the two roses are in the front yard. the pink one is really fragrant and planted by the steps so it can be smelled on the porch and when we go in & out. the austrian copper is on the corner of the house.

the clematis is climbing on another old rose- this one a bourbon- that also smells heavenly. it blooms in june & is outside the eating area table. i look out the window now and see all of these lovely delicate pink flowers.

we saw lots of lupine blooming on the drive home. and hills just covered with yellow- arrow leaf balsamroot at higher elevations, some other yellow flower at the lower. every time i saw a big rock in a field my mind first said "buffalo". funny how quickly your mind adapts & expects to see things.

i will have to go through photos & start figuring out what to print, to get ready for the market in 2 weeks & ghp this week- at least there are some really good options!

Monday, May 19, 2008

incredible place

we got up at 3:30 to get to lamar valley by 6 to shoot wolves. i woke up in the car at one point to hear steve exclaiming b/c what he thought was a cow buffalo was actually a griz on the road- thankfully went into the trees, didn't want to meet us any more than we wanted to meet him.

i will post more, and do flicker pics, but this has been amazing. some people come for the wolves, so for all of the spring animals. the wolf people, tho more granola, seem more friendly than the bear people, but everyone is into the wildlife, and very generous with sharing where to find things to photograph or watch.

we're easy about our wildlife- happy to see all of them. maybe we'll specialize in a few years. it's just all amazing. the baby buffalo are so cute! steve says just like any calf- watching them play & buck makes me smile. and the grizzlies are so powerful and clearly not cuddly- all business. the wolves are so doglike that it is hard to remember that they are formidable predators. i wonder if that is part of why they inspire the passion that they do.

we figure we saw wolves from 4 or 5 different packs over the 2 days. these 2 were on the way out of lamar. looked like a cow elk kill. didn't see much for most of the day, then 2 on the madison, which was a suprise. we need to read up on why we saw pairs together, rather than more of a pack.

this griz was on the lamar- he looked HUGE!

the landscape is also beautiful, so much water due to all of the snow & warm temps lately- reflections are- pick your superlative-

and here's the baby-

i can't wait to get thru the photos and set up a book somewhere. it won't capture the experience, but it will help share it. and yes, a few painting ideas :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

lotsa mammals

this is the wilderness experience in yellowstone in may. we are absolutely convinced that we would have to be insane to consider coming in the summer. these people were all there to see rosie the black bear & her 2 cubs. 2 rangers directing traffic. men with big.... lenses. standing around for a long time waiting for- who knows what. i took a few pics, rosie & the cubs were cool to see..... we went down the road.

wow- we saw everything but the cats today- black & griz bears, coyote & wolf, elk, buffalo, pronghorn, even a mule deer (which is a first for either of us in the park). so now i can tell that there is really a difference between a giz & a black bear- and we were as close to the griz as either one of us ever needs to be.

the coyote/wolf difference isn't as obvious, but they move differently and wolves are so much bigger, and more cautious. we're headed early to lamar valley to try to catch wolves at sunrise. word is that's the time, we'll see. will use tripod, not monopod. will buy lens extender at first opportunity.

editorial note: it is cool to see the animals thru a scope (some folks let me use theirs to see the goats and it was awesome- i could see the wind blowing their hair), but to me, the purist, to spend an obscene amount of money on a lens to take close up pics of animals from the road..... well, i'm not there. i could change my mind, eat my words, but i kind of like seeing the animal in its environment in a photo, and knowing that if i got an incredible close up shot i earned it (or was lucky, ok too). which doesn't mean that i won't rent a tele set up next time we come. but first i'll use the tripod.

lastly, 2 scenic shots- cooke city, which is the northeast entrance. very scenic & a spot that would give you cabin fever in a bad way if you lived there all year & were so inclined. great lunch. now we've been there.

and a shot of the yellowstone river which we walked down to from tower falls. beautiful. mas manana- getting up early-