Friday, February 29, 2008


drove 6 hrs today across beautiful high open spaces. my favorite colors- prussian blue, white and some naples and ochre peaking thru here & there. cerulean sky, some gray. nice yellow of willow trees and red & yellow willows & dogwood along the river too. love that splash of color against the monochrome. no photos. that will come tomorrow.

been a few years (like maybe 5) since we've been here. they bowed to pressure and renamed mary's nipple mary's ? like nipple is a bad word. like the young girl who looked at some nudes at the show and said "that's graphic". um, not exactly. we all have bodies, most of us have 2 nipples- what is bad/wrong/offensive about that? scary. i can't remember what i learned when i was first taught about great art, but i know we went to the art institute and it seems that the nudes were just part of the program. not shocking or dirty, but great art. and how else do you learn to draw clothed bodies?

anyway.... lots of photo opps tomorrow, i am sure. bedtime now-

Thursday, February 28, 2008

after the show

the benefit was great! the art was really good and inspiring, the music was great, we sold lots of art straight out & the silent & live auction items did well. all 3 of these pieces sold outright, and my silent auction piece to boot! yay!
i am so inspired. i remember going to hannah's and being impressed with how nice everyone was to me- miss no one. it's sort of funny being on the planning committee now, therefore looked at as someone who has a clue (true or not). there are young women with art that blows me away who have no idea how good they are and who are so happy to have someone say their work is good. it's so easy to be nice to someone and encourage them.
i can't believe that some of these gals don't know how good they are. it also surprises me how much good art doesn't sell in any given show just because it's not the right audience. it takes a lot to put something that is so much yourself out there and have it not sell and keep doing it and stick to your guns with the art and the price.
bedtime- if i can post i will, otherwise be back monday!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

mini vacay

just got home from starting we art women. i am so excited for when we have all of the art there and hanging. what a great event to be able to be a part of! it is amazing for me to be treated as a peer by these phenomenal artists and i am so happy to be able to contribute. the show this year is very strong, and we should raise lots of $$$$$. there is everything from very traditional oil to really cool abstract painted on foam. creativity is endlessly fascinating, and i am really proud of everyone who takes a chance & puts it out there. i remember the first few years walking through and realizing that what i thought was pretty good was a good starting place. but i sold a few pieces, got some encouragement and it is a fabulous, nurturing environment.

sunflower now. resist worked great, colors too bright for me, so i sponged on gold. will probably sand or something to distress more. io really like the look of this one, i'm just not quite there. need to figure out how to hang these canvas panel/auqaboard/clayboard pieces. i am so used to the look of unframed canvas- and i like the clean quality of it- that i am having a hard time getting back into framing mode. i'll just sell unframed & let someone else deal with it- good plan!

rubbed some mica on to tone down the silver & fade transfer edges. again, like it, about done but maybe not quite. will bear some meditating on. the "is it done" question is always the big one. it is sometimes really hard to tell. and usually harder for me to leave it simple. seems kind of like cheating- take photo, paint canvas black, put silver leaf over that, do photo tranfer, rub in some mica paint & call her good to go.....on the other hand, what more does this image need? not much. it's about peace, which is decidedly not fussy.

lastly, the abstract which is shaping up nicely. texture from tar gel, still about circles. amazingly it is enough about circles that i am able to put them on the surface freehand and be pretty accurate. since i can't draw, this is quite an accomplishment. tho kathy always told me that i DO draw, just with the paintbrush.

and now- to bed! big day tomorrow, then off to the wilds of wyoming. far far away. it will be so nice! i will blog if i can, but am thinking maybe no internet for 3 days. if that's the case, i'll be back on sometime monday. with photos. then off to socal, portland & salt lake. with more airport photos.

here's to raising big bucks!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

transfer tuesday (haha)

more transfer play last night. first, the sunflower. underpainting around edges done, rubber cement drizzled on, now i will overpaint that & rub off the resist & see how it works. the center image is a bit brighter in reality. i will have to photo rather than scan when it is finished. i got started on this one when i read people comparing transfers to polaroid manipulations. i have always liked the look of those. this was not a great photo, but i think it will be a successful mixed media piece. once again, the old time, distressed look appeals to me. i also notice my favorite blue/yellow combo!

next is this image, which is transferred on a canvas covered with silver leaf. someone on the inkjet transfer group said that they had no success with a transfer to silver or gold leaf, but i guess that my surface is still rough enough that it was no problem. also, rather than leaving this on all night, i peeled her off after about 10 minutes, so the entire depth of the image did not transfer. this is one that i tried with alcohol sunday which affected the image a bit too. i like the rustic look. it reminds me of an old scratchy movie. don't think this needs much to finish it off. will prop it up in the office today & think about it. if today goes like yesterday, her calming effect will be very welcome! and like the last piece i did of this image (look back to february 10, valentine's day edition), it says something to me about the battles done to achieve peace.

finally back to the abstract, which is turning out to be about circles. had green paint left from the sunflower and it wanted to go on here. it still has a ways to go- i have some gold paint mixed with tar gel that will be going on for texture, for one- but it is shaping up. i think i see a peace sign or two in there as well!
i have got to find a photoshop class, or make myself sit down and go through the tutorials. i want to overprint some of the transfers with images in my big printer. the dream piece from 2 days ago being one case in point. need to get up to speed on layers, etc. i am reading digital art studio by karen schimke, dorothy simpson krause and bonny pierce lhotka and my mind is exploding! their work is beautiful and fascinating and i am just dying to try some of the techniques.
but for now- dog walks and get through another day. lots to do before vacation!

Monday, February 25, 2008

monday monday

These are the other transfers from yesterday. the sunflower is going to be lots of fun- i am going to paint a few other colors on the brown, then do a resist with rubber cement , cover it all with gold paint & peel it off to let the blues, greens & ochres show thru- sort of a distressed frame for the distressed image.

cafe is a basic gel transfer onto 140 lb cold press w/c paper. not sure where this is going- it might sit for a while. it's from new orleans, so it makes me think of good food, warmth, relaxation and fun. so maybe recipes- drink recipes- or something. maybe it becomes part of something else.

i left these on the paper overnight- and lo and behold, almost all of the color transferred from the transperancy to the paper. i had no idea it was supposed to until i read it on the yahoo inkjet transfer group. what a generous group of artists! anyway- didn't do so well with parts of the transfer, but i think that if i try it over gessoed paper it will come off very smoothly. it will be fun to paint in the rest of the image....

this one is stuck, and will go into hibernation for a while. i'm good with it so far, but don't know where it's going from here. rather than forcing it, it will take a break & see what it says to me. i may try to scrub some of the paint off of the negatives. looking at it right now, it looks like knowing you need to go somewhere, and even knowing where it is you need to go, but not being quite sure how to open the door & get started. been there a few times!

well- 3 day week, wca then off to the boonies to ski. yay. best get out with the pups- i expect a fast & furious day job day.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

sunday evening

played around with some transfers this evening. tried the alcohol approach, which did not work with the 3M transperancies i have, and gel on paper, which works better for me than spreading the gel on the image. at left is a transperancy transfer onto gessoed watercolor paper- the cleanest result for me so far. thinking some sort of print around the outside- will think on it.
also did a sunflower, which is drying and will probably appear here tomorrow. no progress on the actual painting, but i am feeling like breaking out the alkyds again. at least i'll have LOTS of new stuff for art & roses, ghp, etc.! wish i had something new for the city's digital call, but if i enter it will be more scans- just haven't got around to learning layers.....
but there is just so much time, and at least i turned work off friday night. nice walk in the hills this ayem. lovely views down & across the valley- all white & blue- mostly prussian blue, which i love- and some naples and ochre. no wonder i love it here- or maybe that's why my paintings always end up with those colors. another chicken/egg/chicken thing.....
bedtime, only 3 days to work next week- and lots to get done! woo hoo!

easy like sunday morning

nice and quiet- all dogs, people asleep. yesterday on the couch- flu relapse of the tummy variety. body aches, the whole 9 yards. better today- will take the dogs to the top of 8th st with d & the ridgies- they need it after being stuck in the house all day yesterday.

reading "breaking trail" by arlene blum. what an amazing woman. she wanted to become a chemist and climb mountains in the 60s and 70s when no one thought women could/should do either. and she did it with grace, taking the high road, figuring out how to do what she wanted, no whining, no excuses. the way i want my best self to be.

part of the reason for the existence of the blog- find time for what is important and pursue it steadily. if i can't actually make art every day, i can think about it. ok- not so much yesterday, but usually!

hope to have something new to post this evening or tomorrow morning. itching to play around.

Friday, February 22, 2008

looking back

i reread the blogs from the beginning last night. found another great thing about doing this, which is that when i get blocked i can go back for ideas- like the snow series with monochrome images and soft, blurry edges or the grace potter (or any music for that matter) painting, abstracts from the very linear ohare hotel.....

plan this weekend is to start the alkyd dog paintings, with the goal to finish one to enter in the art source show. could be tough given the march travel schedule, but if i work on a bit every day when i'm home i should be able to do it.

i am really excited to see the different types of art at the wca show this year- having experimented so much lately i think i will be more open to new styles & media. and we have lots of great stuff!

okey dokey- off to the other computer & the job that pays the bills...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

sunny day!

i feel better and the sun was shining most of the day! yay! felt my first earthquake this morning- how very odd. i thought it had to be collectively 380 lbs of dogs making things shake, but no- they were all laying quietly. (and the quietly part should have been my first clue that wasn't it, but your mind goes to what you know) then i noticed the office door swaying. and sure enough, there was a 6.3 in nevada. i never would have noticed if i'd been running or walking or in bed. had to be in a quiet place to be able to tell.

i'm sure there's an art correlation in there somewhere- something about being quiet and listening and finding things that would otherwise be overlooked. which, again is the point of the blog- to slow down and think about it.

it felt so like spring- i started working at 6:30, so i took the pups up at noon for an hour hike. beautiful- sun shining, warm. bad part- too muddy on the trails. should have turned around and didn't. i will be staying off until i know they're dry now, tho- the damage is unbelieveable.

so, what does it mean, a meteor, total lunar eclipse & earthquake all in the same week in a leap year? i choose to think good omens. just read a wilbur smith novel about taita a great warlock in ancient egypt, hence the omen thing...... of course, being half irish takes me there too.

hope to have time to start (and finish) some things this weekend, because then i'm into 3 weeks of go (wo)man go- wca benefit, ski weekend, socal, portland, salt lake and then chicago for a week again. better go buy another xd card.......

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

it's never too late to have a happy childhood

it's never too late to have a happy childhood........ that's this one, which is done- except for probably a coat of matte medium. love that line- from still life with woodpecker by tom robbins- and i did have a happy childhood, but it reminds me that some things about childhood are good to stay in touch with, like playing and being full of wonder and open to new experiences. the crayon-like effect of the oil pastel & childish drawing are just what i was looking for to balance all of the dark and "negative"ity. not a masterpiece, but i like it, and the message.

this is fun, writing about works as they progress and understanding how they evolve. and that's really different with the mixed media and abstract stuff than with representational painting. the structure and subject of those are thought out at the start. i have been surprised by the way things turn out, but it seems more of a technical thing, like finding that i exaggerated a proportion when i drew something, but like the way it works. although, really, the quakies looked just like this! which my husband never believed until he saw them in colorado. which is where i grew up with them, so that surely informed the painting, so maybe not an accident after all, hm?

Monday, February 18, 2008


This is as far as I got yesterday. Sick, after nice long foothills walk with Halle & Echo it was to the couch, waking up to pound emergenC, read a little, drink some tea. at least sleeping all day seems to have helped, though- I do feel a bit better. Good thing since I'm off to Denver, then Orange County tomorrow & Wed- woo hoo!

anyway- about the negatives..... time to focus on NOT being. funny how this piece is coming out. i couldn't get it anywhere, and now it's all dark, but i can see painting in a blue sky and maybe some other things and turning it around.

i like to think of myself as generally a positive person, but i need to get more there. read about a book called living your life with no complaints. may not buy it until i do more research into the church that wrote it, but i like the concept. i know for sure that negative energy breeds negative energy, and the only way to stay sane & happy is to know what i can control and do my best not to let the rest drag me down. when i complain, bitch, whine and moan i end up giving the people at the root of the problem power over me. if i can just say ok, that's how it is, get through it, i generally do just that. expanding the "stuck in the airport zen" mode.

i think that this piece will turn out much lighter than it looks now, turning all of these negatives to something positive.

good news! i have an xd card that works, so i can take photos in the denver airport & john wayne (and maybe a few spots in between, tho i bet the anaheim hotel is not especially scenic.... on the other hand, it might be just as attractive as the hyatt ohare).

Saturday, February 16, 2008

lazy saturday

home is where the heart is..... first is a photo transfer onto watercolor paper. then i did a rubber cement resist (the star) and placed an acrylic mono print over the image.

the second piece was 1/2 of the first, but they work better apart, i think. this is the first print from the glass monoprint of the heart i did last weekend. a little smeary, but i don't think that's really a problem, it's kind of funky.

the third is the second print from the mono. i did this one on some soft packing material- it's absorbant & not completely opaque. placed on cobalt panel. this will get a coating of gloss acrylic medium & we'll go from there.

good to get my hands dirty again! took the pups to the dogpark, where they had nice romps. i'm afraid it's too wet to do much foothills activity, but echo and i can go for a run through the neighborhood tomorrow. it feels good to move and to go outside and to vege on the couch and to pet the dogs!!!!

off to Valentine's dinner. more art tomorrow!

Friday, February 15, 2008

cell phone art

sitting at ohare about to power down. i did complete one of my goals, tho and take a photo that is actually sort of arty (i think so anyway) with my cell to post!
there were lots of nice clean angles at the hotel and potentially good pics. should have pulled out the phone earlier!

i liked the exercise of challenging myself to think about creating art every day. i look at some of the photos i posted and i kind of like them. it helped me actually look and see and engage. as a result, i looked for ways to find the hotel interesting rather than focusing on the modern, sterile feel.

i took a long walk today- not the prettiest area (along a very busy road with lots of nice grey car exhaust icy snow.) i wish i'd had the d300, or even an xd card (still no luck! but you can buy an sd nearly anywhere). on the other hand, i should have pulled out the phone and played just to see what happened. it is good for me to be more about the process and less about the end result. take iffy photos that no one will see. paint strange abstracts. play!! one way or another, it's good- a release, a focus on something enjoyable and away from stress, maybe even a happy good end result.

time to find dinner and get on a plane and go home.

mas tamale.....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day!

can't find an xd card in the hotel- wah! so i will have to get creative with my phone! i had some fun snow abstract stuff on it when it died, too. which i just found- so stay tuned. maybe there's somewhere close enough to get to tomorrow to buy a card, while i am waiting 6 hrs for my flight out. i have really been having fun taking pics & looking for art. it is a very nice balance to the very analytical left brain stuff that is occupying all other living moments this week. there are some nice shapes in some of the pics that could be good starting places for abstracts. maybe i will play with those in elements instead.... and i have some markers, will find something to play with. i'll have plenty of time in the airport!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

bad camera

i went out of the hotel today- briefly- and took a few photos and figured i could find some sort of acceptable b & w snow artsy shot, but my camera is yelling at me "bad card". so i had to go to the bar in my keith richards for president t and have a cocktail. i hate the thought that the camera might be out of commission for whatever reason, but accept that tomorrow will be a much better day to deal with it. anyway- i DID think about art today & try to make some, which is good, and the point of the blog.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

monochrome world

here are today's photo opps. i need to go out & walk around tomorrow. we walked to dinner tonight & there were some spots that were actually pretty, with vegetation coming out of the snow. and it was SO GOOD to be outside!
i am happy that i found time to think about art, and to blog, and took photos to post- this is a good commitment to art/blog/self- bedtime now, another busy day tomorrow!

Monday, February 11, 2008

airport hotel art

wow- i will be thinking about art this week, b/c i will not be seeing lots of natural beauty. the theme for the week is industrial and edges. also black & white. nothing soft or pretty here. even the art in the room is abstract and very linear. no warm fuzzies.
it's good, it will make me creative. i feel sort of silly pulling the camera out & shooting- but no one asks questions, and what if they do? it's a good exercise. it also keeps me light and reminds me of the other parts of me. this is a singularly ugly and sterile spot. good thing uncle jack is here to keep me company! and some music. and blogging will help me remember to look for the interesting stuff.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

valentine's day edition

my first monoprints- rather amusing to look at them and say- hmmm, what's the theme? i will be in a hotel near ohare with several hundred of my favorite business associates for valentine's day. hub and i will go out for a great dinner next weekend, and would have done that even if i was in town, but still.....

it started as part of a home is where the heart is thing with one of the transfers (too big to scan) and the heart is a pretty clean & easy shape to do a simple print with. these could be very fun to play with. but not for a week or so.....

these are the other pieces that i worked on, along with the corresponding transfers, which are too wet (dorothy's house) or too big (where the heart is) to post right now.

other than that, nice dog walk this am with d & the ridgies. icy, tho, and people were out when it was wet yesterday and the trails are really choppy. i only went down 3 times (call me grace).

planning to take the camera & post while gone this week. i'm sure there will be lovely photo opps in the hotel..... it will enable me to be quite creative :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008


lovely long walk this morning up 8th street. i just love the way halle smiles when she runs- mouth open, tongue flapping- headlong into the next thing. it takes echo, herder and guardian that he is, a little longer. she races around for the joy of moving. he has to know it's OK. even when he lets go, he's usually herding- that's what he knows how to have fun doing. she is a little instigator- will nip his hocks if he doesn't let go and play. i need to remember to be more halle sometimes. well, maybe not the instigator part so much.....(at least this is my interpretation & anthromorphization of what's going on)

lots of errands getting ready to go out of town all next week. a little art work. cogitating on what to do next to the blue door transfer on wc paper. i played with oilbar on the dorothy house transfer last night and had so much fun finger painting! i forgot! my stepson asked what i was using & said it looked like fun- like being a kid again. what i love about oilbar- at least the way i use it. very tactile. and very much fun doing skies & clouds. long time to dry- will scan tomorrow, then add some darks & lights. it works really well over the gesso too. happy accident.

think i will try a monoprint of some type with the blue doors- i just need to figure out what. still going on something about behind closed doors, not sure what.

working on music to soothe the savage beast next week (and some minis of jack for emergencies).

mas tamale-

Friday, February 8, 2008

into the weekend

a weekend off! yay! to work on art- finally give echo b a bath- snow romps with the dogs and time with the hub before heading out for a very long week. it will be a challenge to blog and to think about art next week. it will also be a nice break!

worked on all of yesterday's posts last night. and bought fun things to play with at the hardware store- copper wire to hang the petroglyphs, rubber cement because it seems like it would be a perfect resist, aluminum tape to frame the harrison blvd pear blossom transfer- i don't think that one needs much to finish it off.

also scanned my blooming hyacinth. it smells so wonderful- perfect for the February doldrums. one scanner has very little depth of field, as you can see from the image on the left. i will also scan on the one that has more dof, just to see what i get. that one will go to legal size, so i can capture some of the roots. this has possibilities for the city's digital call to artists. maybe i can figure out layers (sure!) and add with my bamboo pen.

endless possibilities......

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Works in Progress

these are the houses- transfers first, mixed media with the transperancies second. long way to go on all. i'm not sure what i am going to do with the transfers- the double doors are on a large sheet of watercolor paper with lots of white space off to the left. it could be an oil bar sky which would be great fun as i haven't played with that for a while. the wizard of oz shack (i don't know why i keep going there) will probably be part of a larger collage. or maybe i'll gesso around it on the paper. i really like the distressed look of the transfers (these were done with golden gel medium onto watercolor paper from 3m transperancies).

the transperancy pieces are a little more straightforward. i pulled all of the boarding passes off of the shack after seeing the picture- too busy. maybe a distressed photo instead.... there are a few interesting techniques in the karen michel altered images book to try.

this is serenity. you can see she is a bit worn, but i think nearly done. maybe a few touches of green to suggest plant life. i know that's coming because she is in my mother's garden and i'm thinking growth and peace which i associate with the garden and the image. she has layers, depth and texture, which is appropriate. i think that true serenity is a choice, not always an easy one, and it requires work and an acknowledgement that there's a lot going on around us that we have no control over, but it's possible to be the calm in the storm. particularly apropos for what i've been dealing with the past week.
lastly, the abstract. filled in a few more spots with color last night. this is on clayboard, which is an interesting surface. i can wash off paint, it seems to stay on the surface more than soak in. i can scratch into the surface for texture, but would like the image to take shape a little more first. i'm trying to see the movement and which way it wants to go.
there are a few others hanging around- the sunny drawing, a transfer of trees on harrison blooming, a canvas coated with silver leaf (that one will get aspen trunks i'm just not sure how). time this weekend to play while steve is backcountry skiing- between dog walks & echo finally getting his bath, anyway!
speaking of which- off to shovel & run bunnyman. took him & halle for a walk in hull's yesterday- they are too much fun to watch racing around in the snow. good reminder to live in the moment and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

music and art

wow! grace potter and the nocturnals were great last night- had a few of those "i wish i could paint something that would make people feel the way this music makes me feel" moments! i will have to put the cds on and paint. my first impression is a soft white & naples yellow background with lots of texture, flashes of blues & greens- there, but subtly- to support the bright red energy that is grace. we'll see if that's what comes out! in case you want to check them out.

i don't think that art can ever create the energy that is music for me. there is something, especially about live music, that just goes right through me. much of it is the collective energy of the group and the give and take between the artist and the audience. visual art creates a dialogue too, but on a different scale. the trade off being that a piece of visual art can speak for years and a concert is a very transitory experience. more to think about on that one.

new snow last night- off to run with echo bunnyman. more later

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

fat tuesday edition

and a happy fat tuesday to all! off to see grace potter & the nocturnals to see what kind of art that inspires....... the past few days it has been the art of the breakdown, but i think (hope) we are through that and i will actually have time for life again. and painting.

the houses are waiting- in part waiting to see which direction they want to go. feeling a bit less dark than a few days ago. the abstract is propped in my office looking for inspiration as well. sometimes sitting things around the house & contemplating or coming across them suddenly generates great ideas.

not having time to actually touch the work doesn't mean that it isn't being worked on. that's one of the nice things about the creative process- possible to be creating mentally. of course, the most fun is tactile, but it relaxes me to do mental work too.

speaking of creating- time to go accessorize! still owe photos of WIPs- tomorrow should provide some breathing room. did get work hung at cw moore plaza today, thanks to the gypsies, and sold some cards to carpenter's and got a check from the gallery, so it keeps moving, just faster sometimes than others!

Monday, February 4, 2008

monday feb 4

where i want to be! mentally as much as physically- it has been a rather grueling week, with no improvement in sight until the end of the month. got to play with art yesterday, tho. trying another abstract and some transfers and collages from the transperancies that the transfers came from.

4 of the pieces are houses- an abandoned cinderblock shack in mackay with a nice broody sky (transfer posted January 27) and double doors with a window above. i often dream of houses too. i read somewhere it's about your internal space- discovering and rearranging.

the cinderblock on canvas is turning into an escape piece- i have added film strip negatives to represent memories and part of a boarding pass (never in short supply around here!) we'll see what else attaches itself to the canvas. in the end i think it is/will be about freeing yourself from the past.

the double doors are a bit more mysterious. they also have film strip negatives, but are going to be a bit gauzier, with a glimpse of something in the windows over the door. or not- never quite sure how things are going to morph.
more snow here- had a lovely long walk in the falling snow with the pups on sunday, between work & super bowl. very peaceful and playful.what i needed to remember!

off to run with echo, back to the real world. will take some shots of the wip (works in progress) to post tomorrow.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

home at last!

this is the story of this week. of course, if you can't drive down the road, you might be able to walk down it. it will take longer, but you can still get there. and by going slower, you will probably notice a few things that you might miss by driving. (if there's a deadline to hit it can be sort of tough to remember to slow down & enjoy the journey, but that's all part of the lesson).

not so easy for me to just slow down, observe & go along for the ride, but there's a lot of value in learning to do that. i talked to some interesting people in various airports this week. i reminded myself to breathe and see how pretty the falling snow is. i thought about allowing myself to be stressed and annoyed vs. choosing to go with the flow and see how it turns out.

and what does this have to do with art? i made a couple of nice guys sit & look at my website in DIA. maybe they enjoyed my work (i think so), maybe they were being polite (if so, i appreciate that), either way, looking at it calmed me right down- and i think that it did the same for them. i need to remember the lesson and slow down and look.

i did not get to work on much today, artwise, nor am i likely to tomorrow. day job work to be done- regardless of when i got home or systems not working. woke up at midnight, did some work. woke up again at 7, worked til noon, walked dogs, worked til 2:30. but then i spent some time with hub & t, watched a movie and played a bit with some of the photos i took last week.

i am going to try really hard to stay focused on the need for balance. i owe my employer a good day's work, and i need to get things done and in on time. but i am a much better employee when i am healthy in body and spirit and that means getting exercise and nurturing relationships. it also means acknowledging that it is important to me to be creative and to share my creations.

bedtime- lots to do tomorrow.