Saturday, December 27, 2008

woo hoo!

first, a 5 mile snowy hike (good for snoozy dogs all day:))

then, shovel a little, make a pan of lasagna, shovel some more, play around in photoshop- i thought that these might be cool on some of the darker metal. as it turned out, the colors didn't seem strong enough, but they are fun (love the magic eraser) and the bottom one was used anyway- and the rose will be at some point too.

today's goal was to get the metal transfers done, so i got all set up with my elmer's clear caulk, apollo transperancies & the metal squares and went to town...
they all turned out great! i am so excited! these will be better when the caulk dries clear, but i was so jazzed that they all worked so well!

smoothed the caulk on, placed the transperancy, rubbed with a paper towel until i could see that the caulk had contact with the image everywhere, set aside for a few minutes and- voila!

i love the detail, the fine lines and how clean the images are. a few of them have some bumps & wrinkles, but it doesn't hurt anything.
will get more photos when they dry- will spray varnish and may put some color washes on a few of them......
yay! i love it when a plan comes together (when it works the way i think it should too!) hope it's what zella had in mind...
and now about that lasagna.....


Diane said...

Oh my, Marianne, these are positively GORGEOUS!I can't believe they tranferred so nicely. I love love love the one next to the last. Really beautiful.
Happy 2009!

mk said...

thanks diane- it's not common that it goes this easily! :) caulk usually works pretty well for me, though-

One Creative Queen said...

WOW!! Those turned out incredibly well! I never would have thought to use caulk - very ingenius. You go girl - I love all of them!!

chaetoons said...

Beautiful Marianne!
Have been working with clay and transfers, so your project intrigues me.
Question - do you leave the Apollo transparencies on the metal or peel them off at some later date? In other words -- does the image -- transfer? or only remain as long as the transparency is attached?
Your work is gorgeous and i am so glad you are sharing it with us!

mk said...

thanks to all of you! chae- the image does transfer. i smooth the caulk on, lay the apollo transperancy down and burnish with my finger & a paper towel (just so it moves smoothly) until the transperancy is in contact with the caulk everywhere, then set aside for a few minutes & peel the transperancy off. with any luck at all, the entire image stays on the surface.

chaetoons said...

Thanks Marianne
That's good to know. When i first tried to do this with clay, i used 3M transparencies and Golden gel medium. It didn't work for me at all.
Then tried Bel's ceramic transfer decal paper. Which does work. Am much interested in different methods. Thanks for sharing.