Sunday, December 28, 2008


fairly productive today- i found some free web design software ( ) and got my website overhaul started- . at least it doesn't say my next show is in july anymore!

i need to do some more research into things like imagekind and etsy. there are some things, like the hearts & my flower scans that seem like they should do well in the right arena. all i need is time! :)

kind of hard to tell, but halle is doing a play bow to the cat (her back legs on the ground, front on the couch) trying to get her to play. it didn't work out so well, as tink is smart enough to know that with an 80 something lb difference in size it might not be the best thing for her. am glad that tink can finally be around the house and the dogs will leave her alone- it's been a while coming. tinky is a very social cat and wants to be with her people, so it's nice that she can sit on my lap again now. echo gives her a wide berth.

played a little this afternoon. since the caulk transfers were so clean and beautiful on metal i figured i give it a shot on canvas.......started with 2 coats of hookers green acrylic, then dry brush some gesso.....

next some gold leaf......i don't know how people apply this in any sort of tidy manner-

here are the transperancies laid on the canvas- how they would look if they were perfect-

but, of course, they weren't! these are 6x6 squares and i didn't have anything to put under the canvas so that i could rub the transperancies hard on the caulk and canvas- a small piece of wood or even stiff cardboard would have probably helped.
the end result isn't as clean as the metal was, but i still like them:

sort of distressed. i am thinking about getting the embossing powder out to frame the images.....or maybe some stamping and light modeling paste...... will have to look at them and see.....
anyway, off to bed. stinky broncos saved me from having to watch them implode in the playoffs by self destructing tonight.....


Rosie said...

Love your transfers onto canvas... I've never used transparencies but I may just have to try this out!

Your metal squares are beautiful!

Susan Sager Brown said...

These are gorgeous. Thanks for the how to!

Altered Route said...

Love the look you are getting and the gold leaf is a great idea!
Wishing you a very Healthy, Happy and Artful New Year!

Wen Redmond said...

Very creative
Love your style