Tuesday, December 30, 2008

suicide is easy- what happened to the revolution?

lyrics that have resonated with me since i heard them. (brmc, berlin)

because it's easy to give up. it's much more of an effort to try to change things. and there are plenty of slow, indirect ways to commit suicide- career suicide, relationship suicide or the real thing.

it's important to remember that we DO have the power. we are not stuck in sucky jobs, toxic friendships, saddled with debt or mortgages or anything else that makes us chronically unhappy. there is a responsibility to honorably settle things, to understand our choices and to live with intention. there is no reason to be burdened and stressed and miserable.

in so many ways going with the flow has served me really well. i moved to idaho having never been here and have now lived here (happily) longer that anywhere else in my life. i left jobs because things changed and the situation didn't fit the way i wanted to live my life, and it always ended up coming out better.

reading blink reinforced for me that these choices were more informed than they would appear on the surface, but i know that i can live with more intention. fully choosing how to live is the revolution. i think it's ok to ignore things, let them slide, etc- i just want to consciously make that choice. ultimately what i can control is me.

i found this idea of a resolution revolution through another blog today, and i liked it well enough to pass it along to some friends.


i am still meditating on my word for the year, but free and intention both have appeal.

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