Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the reason

we went to steve's dad and stepmom's for christmas eve. they have the family every year, we missed last year because we were in yellowstone (with my family). it's a nice get together. my family is small and we moved away from aunts and uncles when i was 12, so we didn't have the extended family parties. it's fun to see steve's sibs and his kids and their cousins and everyone's children and how much they enjoy seeing each other.

here's how it looked coming home- we will have a white christmas- yay!

this year has made me really conscious that it's more important to slow down and be with people than anything else. it was crazy until we left for mexico. we don't have a tree, we didn't buy each other gifts (at least i didn't!). i managed to get a box mailed off to the nephew and some small things to mom & dad.

didn't get cards sent out (even though i have tons that i didn't sell...) we didn't get as many as we usually do either. everyone seems to be crazy. got a box from mom today so the mantle is festive even though for the first time in memory my childhood stocking isn't hanging before the chimney with care (in hopes that st nicholas- well, you know!)
i know people who hate christmas because it's so commercial. and if it's just about what you get that's true. i think that some of these folks miss the boat by not allowing people to give to them, viewing gifts suspiciously or by dismissing the whole season because of the commercialization instead of ignoring that part and focusing on taking time off to reflect and share with friends and family. hating the holiday is lots of negative energy that misses the boat as much as it being all about what i get does.

every family has had some pretty funky holidays. i remember telling my mother i would come home for thanksgiving instead- assuming it would be much less drama. i sure wish i could be with my family some time over the next few days though.

it's snowing out- beautiful and hushed and clean.

merry christmas to all- especially friends and family who are far away- mom, dad, susie, flynn, fay & rob (hope your trip was practically painless), tracy, leaf, anyone i've missed. love you all, wish you peace and joy and look forward to being together again soon.

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Laurie said...

Blessings Marianne! Have a lovely Christmas and a prosperous and productive 2009! L.