Tuesday, December 9, 2008


i like to fly when there's snow on the ground & the patterns of the land are picked out. it's interesting to see how far apart the houses are, and whether the fields have center pivots for irrigation (circles) or are square. uniform squares, this being colorado and pretty darn flat. until those big peaks at the back of the photo.

like to pick out the water- the trees along the river here breaking the squares.... and the loopy- loop road for whatever reason
then there are the light patterns-

and the less agricultural, but still quite grid-y industrial patterns near dfw

and here i am. i do like ft worth better than dallas, and this hotel, being in an area where it's safe to walk & the parking lot isn't fenced in, makes me feel better. plus i'm not 50 miles from tomorrow's appointment.

here's the view from the car window...... pretty scenic, isn't it? i miss the downtown ft worth courtyard- great art deco buildings, walkable restaurants & music- but it's just too spendy

and the reward for doind some work- and being in texas. good texmex- the margarita (practice for mejico) and yummy relleno with a blue corn batter...... and now for bed-

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