Friday, December 5, 2008

no particular place to go...

wow. home. no dog public hearings to prepare for (until january), no art shows to put work together for (at least immediately- i do have to get the zella/mk collab going, and think about waw, but i have at least a week to breathe; and then there are the doggie commissions.....but not tonight)

i am having some yummy ferrari carrano fume blanc (all time fave white). after sharing some dunham cabernet (very nice bottle) with the hub. looking at the disaster zone that is our house thinking that i have a couple of short weeks after we get back from mexico to take care of any urgent house why worry now?

what exactly constitutes urgent house cleaning? only thing that comes to mind is mom showing up and that won't happen until next year. we have time to plan. or just go straight to fairfield and skip the boise portion of the visit. on the other hand, the last time the oven was cleaned is when mom & dad were here for thanksgiving a few years ago. maybe it's time......

have i mentioned that maintenence is not my strong suit?

i had zero motivation today, but was in an art frame of mind anyway, after being around all of those fertile minds last night talking about art journals (it seems that i shut kristy down when she suggested taking an art journal class before. but now i'm interested. good thing she'll get over it.), getting an atc swap together, and looking at everyone's cool stuff. and feeling like i have TIME to play.......

here's some of what i have to play with:
and the things that have been taking up my time this week: art, feet, dogs

speaking of dogs: the twisted swisster herself. most people look at halle and smile. it just happens. and then they say "she's sure pretty". not so evident in this pic, but she is.

and echo bunnyman.

i am ready to assume the bunnyman position. planning to get caught up on errands tomorrow, take a nice hike with the dogs ( my heel is not howling when i put weight on it any more) and PLAY. woo hoo.

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