Monday, December 29, 2008


after being pretty productive saturday & sunday i didn't get much done today.... window motor broke on the car, lease company first said ok to go to my favorite repair shop, then told them to send me to the dealer. even tho i'm 2 months out of warranty. so it's back out tomorrow to the dealership- with hopes that i'm not sitting for hours. maybe i should take the sketchbook & markers along with the blackberry.....

anyway- added some glass beads to these- i wanted another layer of something to set the transfers down into the piece. hard to tell from this photo- will do again when they dry. and maybe rub a glaze over to unify as well. overall i like them.

this is one of the small canvas boards i played with light modeling paste on a few weeks ago. got it wet and dropped some paint on. fun- no idea what i will ever do with it, but it's a good experiment/learning piece.
it's been too icy to get out and try to run, and too wet to get on the trails, so we've been walking through the neighborhood. i am ready to go farther- maybe things will melt- it was 50 this afternoon...... or i can get the yaktrax out & see how they do on the ice. thank heaven the dogs are good on leash- at least i don't worry (too much) about them taking off after something and pulling me down!
2 more days of work this week- it will be tough to go back to a full work week!


redchair said...

I'm an artist also- and have to tell you I really like your work.
Very fresh. I especially love the little triptych with just the blush of colors.

Diane said...

Marianne, Those transfers are just BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love them!!

mk said...

thanks to both of you! happy 2009!