Wednesday, December 10, 2008

lucky me!

lucky couple of days.....yesterday i found an extra $20 in the atm when i got cash for my trip.... and no one in sight looking for $$ ( i had my shoes shined right next to the machine, no one showed up). the $$ is destined for a salvation army bucket, but i didn't see any in texas...i have decided that found money needs to be passed on, so that's what i try to do with it.

today, i left the very far southern reaches of ft worth at 2:15 for a flight leaving at 4- do not try this at home! i was checking in the rental car after 3, with a bus ride to the terminal ahead & a bag to check.....flight boarding at 3:30.

made it with time to spare ( but not to get food).

then we sat on the runway in dallas and were 1/2 an hour late- coincidentally, putting us in denver at the time my flight home was to board.

so i ran down the terminal (because when these things happen your next flight is never right next door) and got to the plane- with time to spare (but not to get food). by now i've had a starbucks yogurt granola thingy for breakfast, a piece of jerky & a bag of chips for lunch and it's nearly 6 p.m. so i asked the stewardess (who, as we all know, is there primarily for our safety) if there were stale crackers or pretzels somewhere and the steward gave up his stash of a bag of snack mix and 2 biscotti for me- woo hoo! the united attendants on that flight rock!

i should also mention that i was very good and zen and sure things would work out instead of stressing. which means, believe it or not, that my bag actually made the plane from denver to boise and got here at the same time i did. checked voicemail & had a message that i was booked on the 9 something flight to get in at 11 something if i missed the 5:55....

what a treat to be home before midnight!

i DID find a face up penny in dfw...... maybe that was it- or maybe attitude really IS all :)

here are the doodles-

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