Thursday, December 25, 2008

joy and peace

in our little corner of the world anyway.... started the day off with a snowshoe- the dogs LOVE the snow...

then back to the house for a little r & r

and some cheesy scalloped potatoes ( Christmas' answer to stuffing)

with ham & asparagus
some couch time in front of the fire- snoozing with halle, chatting with steve & carolyn, reading a book....... i love real fires- the smell, the sound, the visual-

Merry Christmas to all- hope your day was as good as ours!


Diane said...

Great pics. I love the dogs. You can tell how much they love that snow. Wishing you a wonderful new year, Marianne!

mk said...

happy new year to you too, Diane- and to Marilyn and Laurie and anyone else who stops by to read or leave a comment.