Monday, December 22, 2008

home at last!

here are a few more shots from loreto...... there was a market sunday

then we had time to kill before we went to the airport, so we wandered through town a bit....

i really loved all of the brightly colored pottery. the sinks were beautiful. would have been hard to get home though.....

as it turned out, we had LOTS of time to kill.....

wow- we were supposed to fly out of loreto at 5 last night- and headed to la closer to 10 (a few margs later). got to the hotel in la around midnight. had fun with fellow travelers in the airport, though, so that was ok.

to lax early this morning, to fly out at 11:10- there was supposed to be traffic, so we left the hotel earlier than we would have. of course the traffic never materialized, so we were early if the flight had been on time. we finally flew out around 4..... of course, since we only checked in 7 hours early our luggage didn't make it home with us..... (i suspect a weight issue, but that's just me).

people were really amazingly calm & laid back about the delays, though. at least where we experienced things. that part was nice- much better than the possible negative energy.
one day of work tomorrow, then some time off. and some art done- i need to get zella's metal pieces done...... and now- a night of sleep in my own bed! not the short, uncomfortable mexico bed or the really comfy floor at lax, but my very own bed! yay!

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