Saturday, December 6, 2008

happy holidays

i did these christmas cards last year and had way too many of them printed. the paper did a piece on me and featured the cards & they were at a local florist & i was sure that between that, and gypsy gallery, and the gallery at hyde park i'd sell them.

so now i have boxes. i probably need to start selling them in october next year....... i like them, other people like them, i think my timing & venues are off..... maybe i'll actually have time to think about it next year (yeah, sure!)

anyway- happy holidays! what a nice relaxing day today! hike this morning (heel pain under control- yay!), yummy lunch at chapala, 2 cases of close out wine (which turns out to be good) at $59 each...... and a side trip into 2 galleries i hadn't been into before- really liked the visual arts collective. enjoyed talking to the resident artist/scupltor/probably the owner......and they do music regularly. will have to go back.

and woman of steel, which i have avoided b/c that's what zella always was, but she didn't have it copywrited (or trademarked, i forget which is which) and then this woman came in and did and started using the name.... seemed kind of wrong, but i don't know the whole story...... anyway- not so crazy about the gallery part, but a nice little wine bar....

and home, and grocery store, and nap on the couch...... some wine with bec & matt & steve, some pasta for dinner....

i am going to try some things out tomorrow with the heat gun & lutradur, and the embossing powder. looking forward to it-

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