Thursday, December 4, 2008

gypsy gallery

i am going to sit back and be proud of gypsy gallery for a minute. in 2003, linda and i rented the basement of the mode building, found artists to fill it up, sent out a press release and had hundreds of people come through- including the governor.

we had no idea what we were doing. we had a musician/slam poet as entertainment (she did it for free). i will never forget looking over at kristy, who i didn't know at all, about 1/2way into the performance- the look on her face was priceless!

i think i even sold an actual painting that evening, which is pretty amazing.......

and from that first night, gypsy gallery grew..... we are usually around 8 artists (10 now, because that last group who wanted to join was so strong). 3 of us, kristy, jenifer and myself were at the first show. we used to run calls for artists in the paper & post flyers, now it's word of mouth and people actually say they've been wanting to join.

i feel lucky to have found a community of artists like this. the idea started because i couldn't fathom getting into a gallery, but i knew i could sell my art. turns out i wasn't the only one. we don't generally sell a lot on first thursdays- most people are doing the social thing, and quaffing free wine & snagging free apps- but we do see people and they start to recognize names and art.

we help each other in all sorts of ways. everyone helps me tear down because i always bring way too much stuff and am slow..... we watch each other's booths, share food & drink & ideas and help new members figure out set ups and where to buy panels or card racks.

we paint together sometimes. the best part is that it's a very low maintenance group. everyone is low key and responsible. cherry does a great job of scouting locations for the holiday show and organizing the saturday market rotation. we all pitch in to cover outs at the market, or as needed on other things.

all i have to do is collect $$, keep insurance up to date & plot out who goes where for the shows.

anyway- here is tonight's show:

my booth (kristy & nancy said i need to double the prices on the metal pieces from $75 to $150. may as well try- didn't sell at $75! :) and so glad i made stocking stuffer magnets.... oh well, it was fun and i sold 2 of them.

zella and her booth-

kristy's booth-
miriam and her booth, with jenifer in the background

here's the lobby from where we were on the second floor.

i wish i had gotten better shots of lisa's glass, pam's found object assemblage, jenifer & cherry's watercolors & michael's photography, but that will have to wait til march or april...
and now, bed-

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