Tuesday, December 23, 2008

doodle do

maybe some day i will sketch.... but in the meantime at least i have started to doodle... i think it's good for me to play, and no pressure. i have lk ludwig's book on art journals- that will be coming at some point i suspect.

the first 3 are from the mexico trip (probably never would have figured that with the first, would you?)

i see the influence of the brightly colored pottery in these.....i don't usually do these sorts of colors, so that's another good thing to experiment with. some day i will feel like playing like this on canvas....

i am starting to understand what "they" say about the energy of the lines, and not worrying if the drawing isn't perfect, or if you go back and refine. i don't mind the draft-y, loose effect
these are from tonight, watching boise state's bowl game. they played well, came up a bit short. it's good to have something to do with that nervous energy :)

i need to get a few things done over the weekend, one being the metal pieces for the zella collaboration. at least after talking to her today i have some ideas about where to go, and will be looking for tree/bird and seed/rose hip images and a few different ways to transfer......

i also need to come up with 10 pieces to use for centerpieces/raffle items at the wca benefit in february. zella is making some steel flowers. i am going to dream about how to make good 2d centerpieces.
it may be that i end up making 20 or 30 instead of 10 so i can put 2-3 per table.... i have lots of little square canvasses that might work for something. or maybe i can figure out a way to do something with box canvasses.....or alter something.... endless possibilities (that better get narrowed down pretty quick!
off to bed so i can wake up in the morning with the answer!
oh- and one bag has landed in boise! (mine with my makeup & jewelry- which i KNOW should never be checked, but i've had such good luck.....). telling husband to keep thinking positive thoughts about getting the other one back.

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Diane said...

Merry Christmas, Marianne.