Thursday, December 11, 2008


i was really busy all day.... getting ready to go on vacation, trying to tie up the year at work, etc....

i did get a last minute card order, so i've been trying to get that done (love asking the printer for those rush jobs 2 weeks before christmas- not!)

quick trip to boise blue to pick up a small travel sketch book/journal. i wanted something with paper thick enough that the markers wouldn't bleed through, but didn't find it. guess i'll have to gesso some pages or glue together or just not worry about it.

spent some time on the couch with the book, b/c i am just plain tired, but then i wanted to play just a bit, so i pulled out the damn stamps that i have done NOTHING with and fiddled around some:

it's not anything but play, but that felt good! and maybe markers or colored pencils or some paint or just tearing it up for collage will work...

off to bed- another busy day tomorrow!

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