Wednesday, December 17, 2008

aqui estamos!

we got to the airport plenty early only to find out the flight was us 12 minutes in la to catch the flight to loreto. one of two weekly flights..... not such a good feeling.... but when the ticket agent told us they'd take care of us, i didn't worry, because this is, after all, alaska (horizon) airlines....
this is what we left
we got to la as the other flight was supposed to be leaving. they held the flight for us, and for some folks who got in slightly after us. and our luggage. remind me not to get upset next time i'm on a flight being held for someone. it was very welcome
and, after a few hours, here we were:

looks alot like arizona to me-

only with an ocean

we of course had no time to eat all day, so we found a spot for food- this was great garlic sea bass- and margaritas-

came back to the hotel bar for a few more margs (vacation, you know) and the music sounded really familiar- it was an instrumental version of the paint your wagon sound track. made steve happy :) he meant to find & download the regular version before we left...

cloudy this morning, knew it would be good for sunrise shots.

there's a spot near the hotel where fresh water flows into the ocean and lots of birds hang out. i will likely have as many pelican photos after this trip as i have buffalo pics after a yellowstone trip.

there is a very old mission in town, and it's all fixed up for christmas. it is bizarre to me to have christmas without cold and snow, even though i'm pretty sure that's how the first one went, being in the middle east & all......
we wandered around town & got our bearings, napped a bit & just decompressed today. we'll see where it goes from here.

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Diane said...

Beautiful pictures! Hope you have a great trip.