Tuesday, December 30, 2008

suicide is easy- what happened to the revolution?

lyrics that have resonated with me since i heard them. (brmc, berlin)

because it's easy to give up. it's much more of an effort to try to change things. and there are plenty of slow, indirect ways to commit suicide- career suicide, relationship suicide or the real thing.

it's important to remember that we DO have the power. we are not stuck in sucky jobs, toxic friendships, saddled with debt or mortgages or anything else that makes us chronically unhappy. there is a responsibility to honorably settle things, to understand our choices and to live with intention. there is no reason to be burdened and stressed and miserable.

in so many ways going with the flow has served me really well. i moved to idaho having never been here and have now lived here (happily) longer that anywhere else in my life. i left jobs because things changed and the situation didn't fit the way i wanted to live my life, and it always ended up coming out better.

reading blink reinforced for me that these choices were more informed than they would appear on the surface, but i know that i can live with more intention. fully choosing how to live is the revolution. i think it's ok to ignore things, let them slide, etc- i just want to consciously make that choice. ultimately what i can control is me.

i found this idea of a resolution revolution through another blog today, and i liked it well enough to pass it along to some friends.


i am still meditating on my word for the year, but free and intention both have appeal.

Monday, December 29, 2008


after being pretty productive saturday & sunday i didn't get much done today.... window motor broke on the car, lease company first said ok to go to my favorite repair shop, then told them to send me to the dealer. even tho i'm 2 months out of warranty. so it's back out tomorrow to the dealership- with hopes that i'm not sitting for hours. maybe i should take the sketchbook & markers along with the blackberry.....

anyway- added some glass beads to these- i wanted another layer of something to set the transfers down into the piece. hard to tell from this photo- will do again when they dry. and maybe rub a glaze over to unify as well. overall i like them.

this is one of the small canvas boards i played with light modeling paste on a few weeks ago. got it wet and dropped some paint on. fun- no idea what i will ever do with it, but it's a good experiment/learning piece.
it's been too icy to get out and try to run, and too wet to get on the trails, so we've been walking through the neighborhood. i am ready to go farther- maybe things will melt- it was 50 this afternoon...... or i can get the yaktrax out & see how they do on the ice. thank heaven the dogs are good on leash- at least i don't worry (too much) about them taking off after something and pulling me down!
2 more days of work this week- it will be tough to go back to a full work week!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


fairly productive today- i found some free web design software (http://www.synthasite.com/ ) and got my website overhaul started- http://www.greatwideopenart.com/ . at least it doesn't say my next show is in july anymore!

i need to do some more research into things like imagekind and etsy. there are some things, like the hearts & my flower scans that seem like they should do well in the right arena. all i need is time! :)

kind of hard to tell, but halle is doing a play bow to the cat (her back legs on the ground, front on the couch) trying to get her to play. it didn't work out so well, as tink is smart enough to know that with an 80 something lb difference in size it might not be the best thing for her. am glad that tink can finally be around the house and the dogs will leave her alone- it's been a while coming. tinky is a very social cat and wants to be with her people, so it's nice that she can sit on my lap again now. echo gives her a wide berth.

played a little this afternoon. since the caulk transfers were so clean and beautiful on metal i figured i give it a shot on canvas.......started with 2 coats of hookers green acrylic, then dry brush some gesso.....

next some gold leaf......i don't know how people apply this in any sort of tidy manner-

here are the transperancies laid on the canvas- how they would look if they were perfect-

but, of course, they weren't! these are 6x6 squares and i didn't have anything to put under the canvas so that i could rub the transperancies hard on the caulk and canvas- a small piece of wood or even stiff cardboard would have probably helped.
the end result isn't as clean as the metal was, but i still like them:

sort of distressed. i am thinking about getting the embossing powder out to frame the images.....or maybe some stamping and light modeling paste...... will have to look at them and see.....
anyway, off to bed. stinky broncos saved me from having to watch them implode in the playoffs by self destructing tonight.....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

woo hoo!

first, a 5 mile snowy hike (good for snoozy dogs all day:))

then, shovel a little, make a pan of lasagna, shovel some more, play around in photoshop- i thought that these might be cool on some of the darker metal. as it turned out, the colors didn't seem strong enough, but they are fun (love the magic eraser) and the bottom one was used anyway- and the rose will be at some point too.

today's goal was to get the metal transfers done, so i got all set up with my elmer's clear caulk, apollo transperancies & the metal squares and went to town...
they all turned out great! i am so excited! these will be better when the caulk dries clear, but i was so jazzed that they all worked so well!

smoothed the caulk on, placed the transperancy, rubbed with a paper towel until i could see that the caulk had contact with the image everywhere, set aside for a few minutes and- voila!

i love the detail, the fine lines and how clean the images are. a few of them have some bumps & wrinkles, but it doesn't hurt anything.
will get more photos when they dry- will spray varnish and may put some color washes on a few of them......
yay! i love it when a plan comes together (when it works the way i think it should too!) hope it's what zella had in mind...
and now about that lasagna.....

Friday, December 26, 2008


after a pretty non-productive morning artwise (dog walk, store, bank, another walk, reading) i actually made progress on the metal transfer art... i pulled out & photoshopped a good group of potential images.

2 themes- birds & trees

and seeds/pods/shells.....

i have 14 6x6 metal squares that are heat treated to put these on, will give back to my friend zella who will make amazing quilts out of them. it helps to see them laid out in black & white to see which work together and what might not.
i will also use my old friends the rose hips. i may include a blooming rose, in color, with that bunch- there are some really dark pieces that might benefit from a pink rose.
probably go with caulk transfers from transperancies for the cleanest results....
i just feel so much better getting to this point! hopefully i can knock the transfers out this weekend and get them to zella next week so if she wants more/different/etc. i can do that....
but now- bed! up early to walk- and i need to, i have been miss piggy stuff your face the past few days- better turn that trend around!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

joy and peace

in our little corner of the world anyway.... started the day off with a snowshoe- the dogs LOVE the snow...

then back to the house for a little r & r

and some cheesy scalloped potatoes ( Christmas' answer to stuffing)

with ham & asparagus
some couch time in front of the fire- snoozing with halle, chatting with steve & carolyn, reading a book....... i love real fires- the smell, the sound, the visual-

Merry Christmas to all- hope your day was as good as ours!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the reason

we went to steve's dad and stepmom's for christmas eve. they have the family every year, we missed last year because we were in yellowstone (with my family). it's a nice get together. my family is small and we moved away from aunts and uncles when i was 12, so we didn't have the extended family parties. it's fun to see steve's sibs and his kids and their cousins and everyone's children and how much they enjoy seeing each other.

here's how it looked coming home- we will have a white christmas- yay!

this year has made me really conscious that it's more important to slow down and be with people than anything else. it was crazy until we left for mexico. we don't have a tree, we didn't buy each other gifts (at least i didn't!). i managed to get a box mailed off to the nephew and some small things to mom & dad.

didn't get cards sent out (even though i have tons that i didn't sell...) we didn't get as many as we usually do either. everyone seems to be crazy. got a box from mom today so the mantle is festive even though for the first time in memory my childhood stocking isn't hanging before the chimney with care (in hopes that st nicholas- well, you know!)
i know people who hate christmas because it's so commercial. and if it's just about what you get that's true. i think that some of these folks miss the boat by not allowing people to give to them, viewing gifts suspiciously or by dismissing the whole season because of the commercialization instead of ignoring that part and focusing on taking time off to reflect and share with friends and family. hating the holiday is lots of negative energy that misses the boat as much as it being all about what i get does.

every family has had some pretty funky holidays. i remember telling my mother i would come home for thanksgiving instead- assuming it would be much less drama. i sure wish i could be with my family some time over the next few days though.

it's snowing out- beautiful and hushed and clean.

merry christmas to all- especially friends and family who are far away- mom, dad, susie, flynn, fay & rob (hope your trip was practically painless), tracy, leaf, anyone i've missed. love you all, wish you peace and joy and look forward to being together again soon.

merry christmas eve

i didn't get decorated this year, what with being nutso busy and going to mexico last week, and i miss seeing my ornaments and decorations. they bring back memories of family holidays (some good, some more interesting), my grandmother, old friends.

sort of like angela cartwright's memories that are stirred by her ornaments in her blog said and done:

angela's book altered images has provided me with lots of inspiration .....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

doodle do

maybe some day i will sketch.... but in the meantime at least i have started to doodle... i think it's good for me to play, and no pressure. i have lk ludwig's book on art journals- that will be coming at some point i suspect.

the first 3 are from the mexico trip (probably never would have figured that with the first, would you?)

i see the influence of the brightly colored pottery in these.....i don't usually do these sorts of colors, so that's another good thing to experiment with. some day i will feel like playing like this on canvas....

i am starting to understand what "they" say about the energy of the lines, and not worrying if the drawing isn't perfect, or if you go back and refine. i don't mind the draft-y, loose effect
these are from tonight, watching boise state's bowl game. they played well, came up a bit short. it's good to have something to do with that nervous energy :)

i need to get a few things done over the weekend, one being the metal pieces for the zella collaboration. at least after talking to her today i have some ideas about where to go, and will be looking for tree/bird and seed/rose hip images and a few different ways to transfer......

i also need to come up with 10 pieces to use for centerpieces/raffle items at the wca benefit in february. zella is making some steel flowers. i am going to dream about how to make good 2d centerpieces.
it may be that i end up making 20 or 30 instead of 10 so i can put 2-3 per table.... i have lots of little square canvasses that might work for something. or maybe i can figure out a way to do something with box canvasses.....or alter something.... endless possibilities (that better get narrowed down pretty quick!
off to bed so i can wake up in the morning with the answer!
oh- and one bag has landed in boise! (mine with my makeup & jewelry- which i KNOW should never be checked, but i've had such good luck.....). telling husband to keep thinking positive thoughts about getting the other one back.

Monday, December 22, 2008

home at last!

here are a few more shots from loreto...... there was a market sunday

then we had time to kill before we went to the airport, so we wandered through town a bit....

i really loved all of the brightly colored pottery. the sinks were beautiful. would have been hard to get home though.....

as it turned out, we had LOTS of time to kill.....

wow- we were supposed to fly out of loreto at 5 last night- and headed to la closer to 10 (a few margs later). got to the hotel in la around midnight. had fun with fellow travelers in the airport, though, so that was ok.

to lax early this morning, to fly out at 11:10- there was supposed to be traffic, so we left the hotel earlier than we would have. of course the traffic never materialized, so we were early if the flight had been on time. we finally flew out around 4..... of course, since we only checked in 7 hours early our luggage didn't make it home with us..... (i suspect a weight issue, but that's just me).

people were really amazingly calm & laid back about the delays, though. at least where we experienced things. that part was nice- much better than the possible negative energy.
one day of work tomorrow, then some time off. and some art done- i need to get zella's metal pieces done...... and now- a night of sleep in my own bed! not the short, uncomfortable mexico bed or the really comfy floor at lax, but my very own bed! yay!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

aqui estamos!

we got to the airport plenty early only to find out the flight was delayed.....giving us 12 minutes in la to catch the flight to loreto. one of two weekly flights..... not such a good feeling.... but when the ticket agent told us they'd take care of us, i didn't worry, because this is, after all, alaska (horizon) airlines....
this is what we left
we got to la as the other flight was supposed to be leaving. they held the flight for us, and for some folks who got in slightly after us. and our luggage. remind me not to get upset next time i'm on a flight being held for someone. it was very welcome
and, after a few hours, here we were:

looks alot like arizona to me-

only with an ocean

we of course had no time to eat all day, so we found a spot for food- this was great garlic sea bass- and margaritas-

came back to the hotel bar for a few more margs (vacation, you know) and the music sounded really familiar- it was an instrumental version of the paint your wagon sound track. made steve happy :) he meant to find & download the regular version before we left...

cloudy this morning, knew it would be good for sunrise shots.

there's a spot near the hotel where fresh water flows into the ocean and lots of birds hang out. i will likely have as many pelican photos after this trip as i have buffalo pics after a yellowstone trip.

there is a very old mission in town, and it's all fixed up for christmas. it is bizarre to me to have christmas without cold and snow, even though i'm pretty sure that's how the first one went, being in the middle east & all......
we wandered around town & got our bearings, napped a bit & just decompressed today. we'll see where it goes from here.