Sunday, November 30, 2008

this weekend's photos

no art time this weekend, working in fairfield, so here are the photos-

took a hike saturday morning, got some practice in with the d300...
the color in this wasn't altered, the contrast was just so high that it looks black & white
love the way the water looks like lace in the next one. i think it could be a basis for an abatract painting.
one thing i tried was playing with shutter speed to see if i could figure out my camera.....first shot below was fast shutter and you can see the individual drops of water.

i slowed down the shutter on this, same rock, the water is now blurred, showing movement.
here's a shot of the tree- i can't believe that these 2 leaves are hanging in as windy as it is here

another tree pic
the light was just beautiful- this is sunset saturday evening-
this is sunday morning light
that's it for now. maybe time for a little bit of painting/playing before bedtime....


Diane said...

You got some amazing photographs...really beautiful!

Marilyn said...

Marianne, these are such exquisite photos. Wow, a good camera does make quite a difference. Of course it helps to know how to use it too. Love them all but the water with fast and slow shutter speeds -- GREAT!

mk said...

thanks both- the camera is wonderful- the difference between photos from this & the d70 that preceeded it is visible to me- i just need to USE it! having this subject matter- and the awesome fall light- helps too.