Saturday, November 15, 2008

swimming upstream

i am evidently still a bit too unfocused, scattered, whatever to accomplish much on the art front other than wheel i give up.

this was a start of a thought for the lutradur print of the fall leaves (hardy geranium if anyone cares). i like the basic idea, but don't think the paper will hold up and when i tried using gel medium to hold the image & paper together & hopefully strengthen the paper it didn't work so well..... so i need a support for the paper- maybe canvas, maybe wood. or maybe i bag the paper & find some fabric that will work.

what is interesting about this whole piece is that i used to sew and do needlepoint. i found a bunch of yarn & some needlepoint canvas. there may be something coming of that.....i am thinking about golden digital ground & the printer, or stitching lutradur to canvas (of the stretched art variety). we'll see how it goes.

for someone who really doesn't like the beatles, their songs pop into my mind as art titles pretty often. but then, i grew up with them (when i was pretty little- really!) and i do like some of their music- they were so prolific and varied it would be hard to dislike ALL of it.......anyway this is coming along. i decided that since steve and i haven't played scrabble in 10 years or more i could probably pull a few tiles out of the game for artwork....
here's another of the lutradur pieces- one i printed last night making its way onto canvas. curious to see how it looks when everything dries- if it appears transparent or just like cloth. wonder if i can sew thru the paint & rice paper & gel medium....

i was going to try a freezer paper transfer or two, but didn't make it that far. i have some 3x3 inch canvasses to play with too.....i need to quit going 90 miles an hour.

time to think about zella's february show & what to do on the metal pieces i have for that. and i have 2 dog commissions (which will at least help with focus)- zella's standard poodle clapton (for the metal frames) and lilly the great dane from training.

started the day with a bit of a hike, dog class for halle (good thing) and puppy play time, then leaf raking (only 6 bags- more to do tomorrow) the library, a break and art. i may have forgotten how to laze around. mexico in a month should help me remember.

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