Friday, November 14, 2008

slowly but surely

first off, yummy pupu platter at yen ching with some saki & some laughs with carolyn & caralea- and we all needed it! ahhhhhh. we always have to really pressure the wait staff to say pupu platter tho- it's the flaming appetizer sampler for 2 or some such nonsense.

whatever you want to call it, deep fried yumminess....

home to the couch with the book for a bit. british mystery a bit of a slog right now- may have to go to the library (in keeping with the current austerity program) tomorrow. which is fine, want a book on altered journaling. and the library is right next to kinko's, so maybe some copies for transfers. and it's all close to city hall, where there is a rally for everyone's right to be married which i think i would like to attend...... hmmm, sounds like a busy day (oh, and dog training too).

anyway- printed these on lutradur and one is hanging and drying after being coated with gel medium. i think i really want encuastic medium for these to show up the transparency. of course, where it goes from there i have no idea.

i did this tuesday evening and am looking at it thinking it's really pink...... the original plan was to do a lazertran something on it, but i think it needs to be toned down first.

i am obviously feeling scattered (boop shadoobie shattered) but at least i'm not blocked! i'm sure that i will have a block of time (after the aforementioned activities & leaf raking) this weekend and it will all come together.

lastly- another from tuesday. love this image, love the background but it's clearly not done- another one to think on. i have a few in the drawer waiting for inspiration. maybe i need to give some of these up to learning and move on. maybe that's a lesson that needs to be applied in other areas of my life right now too.....


Diane said...

Hi Marianne, I love the lutradur pictures. I am not familiar with that stuff at all but your pics are wonderful. Have a great weekend!

Marilyn said...

Marianne, these are all terrific, especially the Buddha. I'm partial to that Asian thing.