Friday, November 28, 2008


from the first errand- nice grafiti in the alley while looking for a place to unload & set up for gg thursday...

yummy pork soup at the empty bowl benefit- i had my camera & didn't get a shot of all of the great bowls out on the table- i cannot believe i missed it. for $10 you get to pick a handmade bowl and you get soup & bread and the proceeds go to the foodbank.

soup is a good thing to have for lunch after thanksgiving- and today was an especially beautiful day to be eating outside.
here's what i got done art-wise....... cards on the top, 5x7 matted art on the bottom..... it always amazes me how getting something ready to sell ( plastic bag, mat, etc.) suddenly makes it look more "real"- about finish & presentation i'm sure.

i hate pricing things, but am thinking $5 for the cards & $7.50 for the matted pieces. if anyone has an opinion i'd sure like to hear it :) each piece is an original handmade item.

and then i thought i should make more magnets b/c they're good stocking stuffers.....i thought i had a back up cartridge but NO. so i drove all the way out to very scary craft warehouse (on black friday? nuts!) only to find that they don't carry xyron or cartridges anymore.......ARGH!!! back home to my old buddy amazon. but i did get a few magnets made anyway:

and then gno, which was fun even if i did just see carolyn, caralea & tracy last night & tracy at noon...... we laugh and it's good.... and paula & deb were there too....

btw, for anyone who reads this & is wondering what is gypsy gallery- in december of 2003 a friend and i organized an art show in an empty store downtown. we have since done quarterly shows with a regular group of artists (usually 8 of us, but at 10 right now b/c we had so many great applicants for the last opening). we rent spaces around town (hence "gypsy") and sometimes do shows where we include other artists. we also rotate through a booth at the saturday market.

it has worked out really well for most of us- 3 of us were in the first show, others have been referred by our local art shop, or come into the group from a call to artists or by knowing someone. we carry liability insurance & a city permit & pay to rent space as necessary. it's a great exchange of ideas and resources for where to buy things like card racks or display panels or tents. our website is not at all up to date (change to vista, which frontpage doesn't work with), but you can check out to get an idea of what we do.
up early to fairfield tomorrow. woo hoo.


Marilyn said...

Love seeing the whole group together. I think your pricing sounds reasonable and doable.

mk said...

thanks marilyn- will let you know how they do!