Thursday, November 6, 2008

home and photos

i thought tucson was really cool and would like to have time to properly explore. i want to read edward abbey again- the desert is amazing, the saguaro are amazing- just really cool. be fun to have time to just check out the little towns and the mountains and the desert... go to tombstone (nothing wrong with a little cheesy!).....have the real camera and walk through some of the older neighborhoods.

this is the mission san xavier-

there is a hill next to the mission with a grotto guarded by 2 of these guys. i also thought he would make a good transfer in black & white.....

i'm not catholic- i was raised lutheran and find the statues and candles and offerings fascinating. i am now understanding that part of my fascination is probably the visual. i have lots of cemetery photos.
i think that the act of lighting a candle to pray for someone or leaving flowers or a rosary is an act of meditation. i remember in japan, seeing bowls of saki and food and flowers in the shinto cemeteries. guess it's sort of a way of making thought action, of giving it weight.

ths inside of the church has been restored by people who worked on the sistine chapel. it is amazing, especially in contrast to the land outside. thinking about what it took to create something like this in the middle of brutally hot, dry, remote nowhere is overwhelming.

next, sabino canyon. beautiful. so glad i took the time to hike before i left. i am fascinated with this desert. there is actually quite a bit of vegetation, between the cacti, the palo verde, lots of shrubs and perennials.
the saguaro are way cool. i would be an active member of the save the saguaro coalition if i lived here. they just tower over you.

odd to my eyes to see them as we would trees many other places. but there are those lovely brown hills in the background- that's a familiar look :)

i had to do an angela cartwright self portrait when i saw my shadow on the prickly pear. i can't imagine what this looks like when it's blooming- must get here for that some time.
oh, the work part of the trip was good too.....


Diane said...

Wow, you got some great photos! I love visiting cemeteries. I was raised Catholic but definitely do NOT follow Catholicism but I love all the religious statues so much! My husband says a lot of my work takes on a religous look but that does not come from a religous feeling within but only from a love of beautiful things.
Have a great weekend!

mk said...

thanks diane- it would be hard to take bad photos with this subject matter! i am finding myself fascinated with icons & statues, etc. be fun to see where it comes out-